Everyone seems to use Rogue/Guidedshot

Is it me or does it seem like most people run a bow rogue the most? Simply because it’s that strong or just that simple with heat seeking arrows? Who uses something else full time beside bow rogue for their DPS and what is it?

clogon use timemage (no not wizard, it’s timemage :joy:)
emman and refia use warrior

My main is my warrior but I have a hireling rouge. I also have a wiz but I don’t use it often. >.>

I use a whirlwind warrior for farming.
I both use dagger rouge and my warrior for pvp.

Guideshot has nice damage and heat seeking is nice and is easy to use I guess. That’s why it’s popular.

Rogues are by far the most popular and fun class to play. Most new players choose it as their first go to class. Because there are a lot of people playing it, their is also a lot of guides for rogues so it is much easier to learn the class.

Every class can do similar damage. What makes guided shot rogues so popular is because they can do so more reliably. Coat weapon ensures a crit and seeking attack means you don’t need to aim well.

The biggest problem in pvp atm is that it is much more rewarding to go glass cannon builds than defensive ones. No matter what defensive build you make, it can die in a split second. It is not just due to 1 thing too but multiple different variables added together makes this possible.

Anyways 2.1 testing should start very soon. It will come with new items, new features and balance changes. Bug fixes and AI improvements too!


I feel a great disturbance on the force. xD

Welcome back Clogon.
Your Away chest should be overflowing :smile:

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Thank you! I have recovered quite a bit so I should be able to finish my work soon. Got to post that AI guide right?

With me out of commission, prep work for 2.1 and various IRL things happening to the other devs. Steiger’s work load increased too much to finish the AI guide. But things are going well now for the dev n testing team. We are very excited for 2.1!

We are trying to make it reward long time vets but also give new players a way to catch up. We will also try to make higher difficulty more rewarding as we know many of you like playing M3. There are a lot of things we want to implement for you guys so please look forward to the announcements by Steigerbox.

Unlike 2.0, this upcoming patch should be a lot easier and quicker to implement. The wait won’t be as long. Thank you all for your continued support!


Good to hear that you’re doing well.

AI Guide would help a lot. Any added information on it would be awesome.
I test my AI out in 2v2 lol. I just observe my other char on what the AI is doing.

Good news for m3 players as the bonus now seems to be a bit underwhelming.

Can’t wait for 2.1 looking forward to it.

Aye welcome back Clogon!!! Thx all for the input just wish there were more guides for warrior and wizard as I prefer those two classes

ik thing will happen to lohko kind build. and i am grinding like hell now for 3 wizard build and 2 warrior build. will see what happen when im done. if it just happen as what as i want, i will make it guide lol

Well I’m still sitting on that sword you told me to @cronos4321

Been grinding for 6 hours straight today sitting on a lot of Obsidian and rubies :smile: and I think I have almost every warrior item stashed, since I built the fortune bringer, I also have an aftermath wizard but he is so dang squishy it’s not funny

Fortune Bringer is badass in term of farming. lol.

Agreed @cronos4321 best thing I have built so far, just lvl’n my final toon to lvl 99 while farming then I’ll have max toon slots at 99 have two of each class :smile: if you have a build for wizard or warrior you think would be good you can always flip it to me to try and or work on as I have a clean slate and a lot of crystals wanting to be used

My 2nd warrior is just using a toss build right now trying to decide if I want to push that one to max gear stats or do something with that Ragnarok 100% WD sword

Not all i can share tho. but will see what i can lol. if i see it suitable for public and easy to use i will make guide thread.

No love for Chakrams? :confounded:

Why do all the fun topics start when I’m out cold? Anyway, glad you’re back @Clogon , hope everything’s awesome.

@breaknex Honestly, Rogue has everything going for her, first off, she has b*wbs, so yeah that alone should explain it. But then she has a long-ass seeking shot that you barely need to aim, so another plus on that note. And there’s a certain overpowered af guide out there, that I’m pretty sure you know who I’m talking about, for rogues. Then that’s almost 100% sure to make you go rogue if you’re new.

But if someone would release Refia’s, Shay’s, Emman’s Warrior build, or Clogon’s VERY VERY annoying Timemage (not a wizard) build, I’m sure we’ll see a lot of other classes in Arena.

  • cough *


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lol. not chakram fav. it too slow in arena.

@saintwave inbox me which one your referring to, and I agree would be cool to see those builds as well, only 1 rogue item I haven’t had drop for me so far is that dumb bow