Can ice element trigger the explosive or should i use fire element?

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All element can trigger explosive including arcane. Also there is a frozen set that make mobs explode when they are killed while frozen.

Thank you… so i will remove the explosive because it have 5% only to trigger… Another waste of ruby​:pleading_face::pleading_face:

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it depends on your Build. although Explosive only has a 5% chance to cause an attack to explode, if you have a lot of attacks, you increase your chances to cause an Explosion in a shorter amount of time.

Comet has an APS of 1.75. that is 3.5 attacks every 2 seconds. with +60% APS is 2.8 for 5.6 attacks every 2 seconds. if you put +4 Multi Attack, then you would have 5 Comets attacking 5.6 times every 2 seconds. Comet has it’s own AoE explosion when it hits a target, and Comets explosion can also cause Explosion to any enemies in the AoE.

Storm has an Attack Frequency of 4 attacks a second for 5 seconds in an AoE. 40 Skill Points in Storm increases the Attack Frequency to 8 attacks a second for 5 seconds. doesn’t matter if there is 1 or 20 enemies in the Storms AoE, they each have a chance of a 5% Explosion for each hit while in the Storm.

also, Fire, Poison, and Bleed DoT can cause Explosion. so can Reflect Damage.

basically, a slow attacking Build would do bad with Explosion, but a fast or lots of attack Build would do great.

hope this helps. actually, I didn’t like using Explosion for the same reasons you do, but I recently Crafted a Farming Build & Floor Climbing Build with +400% Explosion. I tried +800% for a little while, but that Build wasn’t optimized for 2+ Explosive affixes.

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