Farm mechanics bug (not properly following the total effective item drop/luck/gold find guide)

Ok I will tell you the bug or what I think may be a bug.
First of all, just adding 1 crystal gold affix 225% plus greed 25% and fortune 20 maxes out gold too quickly if I use fortune bringer with hirling. In the previous patch, it should be 3 crystal gold affixes, 3 greeds and 3 epic affixes and more to max out gold find to 650% using the averaging formula : gf/luck 1300% /2= 650% gf/luck (850% if your using fortunate).
For the luck, it is similar situation except luck stops at 775%. For me to change that 775% to 850%, I have to add a luck epic affix and 3 luck natures on my aftermath hirling because adding 6 luck on fortune bringer isnt raising 775% at all. It just stays at 775% luck unless I sacrificed dps slots for luck affixes. In the previous patch, it should have been less than 850% luck considering that using the averaging forumla, it would be nowhere near 850% without an extra 2 crystal luck affixes in 2.0.

Secondly, for me to get max item drops I have to add 3 item drops 50% affixes on both characters because if I add all 6 on fortune bringer, it doesn’t count. That is definitely a bug. In the patch 2.0, 6 item drops affixes legend version on fortune bringer would work but it doesn’t unfortunately. This picture of adventure page is the result of two builds:

This picture supports my evidence and so you won’t think I am crazy telling facts out of thin air.

Now another thing that has been bugging me is that all the affixes on fortune bringer doesn’t count towards me if I use the aftermath wizard as the main character and fortune bringer as hirling. That must be a bug because it definitely wasn’t like this before the patch. This next picture is the evidence that I am not just being crazy and making stuff up:

I hope you understand @Refia , @Steigerbox , @Skaul , @Teacup and others who know how the averaging forumla should have worked before this patch. @cronos4321 informed me that this is a bug that must be reported and even he experienced the bug since he is the owner of fortune bringer. The bug had made the fortune bringer far simpler to make which shouldn’t be possible because it defies that formula.

The link to the correct formula : Mechanics behind total effective luck, gold, and item drop %

Cronos fortune bringer mechanics that were explained: Farming Build [Warrior] Fortune Bringer

Fortune bringer nature has 3Ă— greed, 3Ă— luck. My aftermath farming hirling has 3Ă— luck, 3Ă— of the elements.

What are your numbers for gold/luck/item in the All Stats pages?

The all stats page is correct (kind of) so why isn’t the adventure page correct? If gold find and luck isn’t maxed on my wizard as well as the item drops, that alone is a testament that the adventure page is completely wrong and that it is a visual bug.

Looks like I will have to redo parts of the fortune bringer to copy the actual guide and see exactly what happens. I might get more gold and more loot, who knows :wink: .

Please help me :frowning: .

Luckily I can still farm a good amount to recover from my situation or test what happens if i copy exactly how the fortune bringer guide works or something like that. Still, i keep the battle mage because of speed if need be and some other thing like nadrojis bonus.

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Holy shit that’s a lot of health.

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You should see @Kcellvirus’s 46m. :wink:


All bcoz of 10khp too high hp flat value, haha they should back the 5k hp and put 10k hp on obsi

Nah haha but i revised that build, coz it lacks of healing and dmg prevs,

haha. and i thought you made that build just as a proof of concept.

Hehe, im halfway done redoing my fortune bringer. Getting obsidian is far easier than I thought lmao :laughing: . Still obsidian was a pain cause I used lot of gold and rare crystals as well as convert a bag full of eternal/ crystal legends I never planned on using (that bag of crystal/eternal legends I gained yesterday). Its a lot easier modifying/redoing a farming build than trying to make it the first time and 2.1 makes all the things easier :slight_smile: .

Still gotta get a bunch of rubys for item drops but thats all I have to do really :slight_smile: .

I’m glad cronos introduced fortune bringer in November and his farming build is awesome.

Now to test whether it makes a huge difference to make a 90% carbon copy of fortune bringer (battle mage and nadroji bonus is modification and my pet isn’t meant to be carbon copy of eternal pet that cronos used). If it does make a huge difference in gaining loot while using fortune bringer, having pure dps hirling, it can work.

If it doesn’t make any difference like it once did in the past, it could be a bug or farm mechanics redone.

What conclusions did you come to?

Revived. Turns out I didn’t properly know the formula for luck and item drops and I regretted that day of using fortune bringer only to find that it doesn’t work as effectively but I did definitely find it working very well until patch 2.1 so I think the fortune bringer from cronos was a bug in itself but I learnt a lot from that mistake.

I’m so glad I know now. I think I remember saying that Gold find not being affected by averaging formula was a bug but it’s not a but if it’s never been removed and makes it so much easier to build farm builds.

I thought adventure page was bugged as it indeed had huge but it certainly isn’t bugged now and pretty correct.

My comprehensive farm guide is a way to use that to get the maximum values too. Man the memories of having negative exp gain getting worse per ascension too.

Tbh , if fortune bringer wasn’t working like cronos intended and that it didn’t follow the formula correctly, it’s still incredible with the amount of crystals he gained and gold and everything in general back in patch 2.0 as I couldn’t come close and it was tricky. But what it turns out is that the averaging formula was different in patch 2.0 compared to patch 2.1 to now.

That’s why cronos was able to get away with a pure farm build main character and a pure DPS second character since the averaging formula had no restrictions on hirling mode until Ascensions came out, at least it seems that way when I look back into the past.

Although another reason for fortune bringer could be that cronos made it for the very easy mode difficulty back then before legends have the mythic 3 restrictions so it was a bit OP since instant kills do help.

Sorry for reviving old post though. Even though cronos fortune bringer wasn’t that effective since his concept didn’t work or rather, no longer worked as intended, I edited and used for about a year and it has certainly served me well in terms of crystal gains and how many builds I made as well.

Im so glad that farming is way easier than the old days too.