Farming issues

i am a (main) warrior player and i use “procs” to deal a good amound of dmg. At least enough to play level200-250 on Mythic 3. But after a while of farming and seeing all the great items from some of you guys, i think i am doing something wrong.

First, i never got a mythic item (i am playing since years -every then and now) and i dont think they nearly never drop. I even use equip with a bonus to crystals and magic find/item drops and still never got a single crystal-item or at least one with a crystal affix.

Except for that i got eternal items every then and know and even a pretty good amount of legendarys, but i still have the feeling of missing something. Maybe i shouldnt play on mythic3 or at lower floors (i cant beat any higher floors than 250 i figuered).

Maybe someone can help.

You get mythic item from crafting 4 mythstone into one item to create a mythic affix, then the item turn into a mythic item. IMHO I think crystals item are harder to get then eternals.

I actually meant crystal-affix/-items. Just realised my mistake.

Just keep farming from 200-250 and reset and repeat. I did that far awhile since after 250 I was talking to long/ dying a lot. Keep doing that until you get some good gear drop that will help you push forward. Btw are you using a hireling?

If your on mythic 3 with farming gear no hireling you should have some trouble since your dps is limited.

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I usually farm at 100+ only using farming gears. 650+ luck and gold find then 200% item drops. Using eternal pistols and crystalline headgear.

I play without a Hireling, since my other heroes are around lv50 an my warrior is lvl99 and they just die emediatelly.

@macon: and how successfull are you with your farming? How many crystal-/eternal- item drops do you get regularry?

@Mike It depends, 2-3 crystal drops, but sometimes none. Mostly, I convert them to high tier crystals. Eternals do drop too at 100+ floors.

I was surprised you’re farming at higher floors though. I also consider the amount of time per floor as part of efficient farming.

You show power level your hireling on floor 200 just make them stay back while you clear the map on your main.
The higher level floor the better chance of eternal being max level. Unless your farming 500+

Nevermind the eternals haha. Eternals = convert. I do have a good eternal tho, Eternal Icicle Crown.

For me all legends=convert beside the ones I need

I usually keep one of each type with necessary legend affixes too. Anyway, I got 4 obsidian and at least 3 amethyst from converting crystal and eternal drops. However, the rate of rare legends dropping for me is somewhat fast. I get like 2-3 Fabled Chakrams, Crystalline Cap, Eternalilzed Pistols per day lol.

Same but I keep extras of ragarok/mutiny… etc

I’m yet to see a Mutiny. Got a Ragnarok already and a Vacuus. I need at least 2 Vacuus or a Frozen Fate. Unfortunately, I don’t have a separate toon to farm for warrior items. This is just a complimentary game for me when in work so I don’t intend to invest much.

I got around 20-25 Defiant set free to use (MH+OH) for all class. sometime i even sell it lol too many to keep.

@cronos4321 How I wish you could share some haha.

Lol i wish to do that too. but i think dev already help player with their best, its now the turn for player actually help them self. lol.

Btw, I posted my proposed rogue build on ocenyx’s thread. Would you mind to give your insight on that?

I farm 181 on mythic 3 as I can just oneshot everything and slines are easy to kill. If your goal is to get crystals and mythstones just do that. If you want items just farm floor 351 + challenge maps. But for me at least I cant go that high with my farming gear so I stay at 181.

lol. i will, but dont take it 100%, coz im just average/normal player with experient of 3-4month of play.

Not sure if you guys would be interested in this one, but I farm on Floor 181, myth 3 (Edit: I farm on M2 Since that is enough to max my luck/gold/item drops) and just keeps on repeating that.

Why floor 181? well, it’s the first floor of Act 1(and highest possible A1 F1) where all the mobs are just slimes. easy kill rinse n repeat xD