Farming Tips for 2.0

I think it’s 2.0 now. Maybe. Anyway, anyone willing to submit info in this category, I, and others, I’m sure, would highly appreciate some farming tips from experienced players. I’m stuck getting annoying legendaries to no end. So, any tips for getting advanced CS/MS and gear would be lovely. =)

It’s pretty much the same as before. You can take a look here

You can also equip Crystalline for better drop rate :slight_smile:

Edit: Check out this one as well

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Ah, alright. Didn’t dig well enough, I suppose. Thanks.

All I can advice to you is stop hoping for the classic way like asking it to drop.
Go max out your goldfind , item drops & luck averages, and farm map killing only the shrines boss & carto. you will only clear full map if its packsize & legend map. Rng is not bad to those who works hard.
Legend item that are not useful will surely spams & use ur gold to convert them to crystal.
Thats the fastest way atm.


pray to rng lolol

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Never have I expected an item to drop. Hell, my favorite series is Final Fantasy. So have you guys had more luck clearing whole maps on one specific floor, clearing specific enemies on one floor, or one or the other on higher and higher floors? I’ve been farming on floor 200 forever with little avail.

EDIT: I’m just searching for a manner that I haven’t tried or determine whether or not I just need to perhaps try harder. :smile:

Tbh i farm floor 121 when i start on legend and in about a hour, i would have made 2 to 3mill if not more and about 10 to 15 legend drops with a good amout of cs & ms. Ill only clear map if pack size is worth it other then that just kill rare packs and keep it moving. The codex is ya friend so use it if need b does not help with rng but gives u a good idea. Make sure u also keep in mind that a goal is needed example if u want gold max out gold find get some pickup radious and keep it moving. Legend drops and higher, well max item drop, (get certin set if u can) movement speed and speed run it by ONLY killing big mobs and Rare packs shrins included. Map farming is nice aswell (25 maps = 1 legend map)so speed that up and ull b also killing rare mobs, carto,legend mobs, and so on. Doing alll this will grant u some good stuff hope this helps im some what new but my wiz is in a nice spot and eternal league is nice, got there in a week lol wiz for life. But i stoped in ther arena just to farm it up for a while so gg have fun bros.


Make your luck,gold find,items drop at a full rate this should be the best… Make sure that you have pick-up radius… Getting a good gears is by killing mythic enemy. Surely it drops eternal…

I gotta ask. What is rng?

Random number generator.

EDIT: I appreciate the input and references. As a newer player myself, I found it kind of difficult to find decent farming tips. Now that they’re mostly in one place under a more specific name, I hope it’ll be easier. :smile:

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Thanks lolz. Still so much to learn. But what I did to farm. I got to the highest lvl I could reach In a certain difficulty say floor 124 on m2. Then I would go back where it was the easiest say floor 70 An started using challenge maps. An I got better gears till I couldn’t pass anymore challenge maps. Started back on normal maps an I’m close to 160 or 170 now an is getting harder So I’m gonna go back to the challenge maps an geo as far as I can. (I use my on builds) An edit some of the affix or add some that I think I might can use. I love my play style an it us fun for me. Granted I’m still learning from asking questions or making mistakes an learning from them. I hope this can help someone. Good luck an Godspeed.