Feedback and suggestions wanted for floor 2100m3 build


I have updated my hiking gear and would like some feedback. Currently around 2100m3. I’m using a mix of ideas from several posts made on this forum and made a wizard that applies immolation and spams twister paired with a rogue that applies shock stacks and spams guidedshot. The rogue is set to follow at 15 yards to reduce death rate since he isn’t perma stealth build. So far so good but I wanted to check to see if I am properly synergizing/maxing my affixes Thanks

Wizard (played as main)

Here is the base damage without adventurer and masochist buffs active.

Here is the damage with adventurer and masochist buffs active.

Rogue Hireling

Here is the base damage without adventure and masochist buffs active.

Here is the damage with adventurer and masochist buffs active.

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Looks very cool!
I can´t help you, but I want to have that items too :smiley: :slight_smile:

Very easy to get items with dust now.

Put more Elemental Crit DMG. And use Prismatic Talent so Electrocution effect can be activated or else change OH element to shock

Thanks for replying.

Prismatic on wizard? Is electrocution bonus only applied when dealing shock damage? Or do mean to help apply shock stacks?

Which affix would you suggest I switch out for more elemental damage?

My only feedback: Don’t play these high floors ;). It’s useless, you won’t find better equipment - just die more often and burn more gold.

Go to floors 1k or below and build a fun Farmer, at these high floors your equipment gets really restricted and you can’t put any gimmicks in your build any more!

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Thanks midlumer. I already have farming builds for floor 1k. I’m interested in arena so the only thing left is to see how high I can climb.

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Arena is a totally different story. You will need different equipment for PvP than for PvE… Take a read here to get some info:

on how to successfully get some damage for a PvP char. Short version:

  • 7x ED+
  • ( WD+ optional)
  • 2x PTL
  • Don’t use WD% or ED%. They are bad for PvP.

Rest is up to you, which skills you want to use etc. :wink:

Sorry I’m meant to say I’m not interested in arena. Darn autocorrects

Anyone tried double strike with crushing flames. I believe it will make enemies defeated easier especially the boss from shrine since you are gonna be dealing double the hits. Extremely powerful with Hit frequency , fast fire immolate /dots for crushing flames , etc.

Crushing flames + Demonic + Electrocution for Fire+ Shock build since the demonic helps defeat the epic+ boss easier and adding 25% Double Strike or so. Even for pure fire, Crushing flames+ Demonic and a possible 25% double strike.

Double strike with frozen definitely seems cool in my eyes though and not to mention, easier Frozen when you also use Demonic too.

So far your build seems good.

I actually is double strike in the previous iteration of my build and it is only realistic to get the mod from the offhand slot so it was a pick between that and 100% executed. I think it’s pretty much a wash since crushing flames will take mobs down to below 25% quickly and now you are constantly dealing 100% more damage as opposed to doing double damage 25% of the time. The stehhno also gives extra damage to elites and I was lucky to get the eternal version to drop so getting a second one for hireling was cheap.

I think double strike is great for clearing trash mobs though especially since twister hits a few times per

Extremely amazing with my orb build though since it has a high hit frequency but it really depends on preference and the difference you actually see. Also with Frozen. Still, the execute DMG is very good for a legend affix like using Demonic set and Electrocution but in legend affix form.

Definitely an interesting affix the Double Strike and it even makes a weak farm build very strong without the need of crushing blow to floor 1k but crushing flames is still the beast.

Made some changes and am close to 1 billion dps on each toon. Gonna farm some crystals to remake the gear for perfect rolls and then will repost in case anyone is interested.