Patch 3.0 - 1.431 Billion DPS build, comments and suggestions welcome

(*I have edited the build since this was posted and now do more dps. Updated screenshots are included, list of updates are at the bottom of the post)

Hello all,

I have been tinkering with a floor hiking build since patch 3.0 hit and I wanted to share the third version for comments and suggestions. The build uses two characters, a main wizard applying immolation spamming Twister and a hireling rogue applying shock stacks spamming Guidedshot. The first version I built had only 25 million DPS on Twister and 170 million DPS on Guidedshot. The second version got around 500 million DPS for each. I tweaked a few affixes and have gotten the DPS stat page for the respective weapon skill to over 1 million on each character. Please feel free to share any thoughts or tips as I am happy to upgrade this build if possible.

I am still only around floor 2300m3. I stopped hiking to farm some crystals and will focus on hiking for the next few weeks to see how high this build can go. It is very similar to other 3.0 builds out there that have climbed past floor 3000m3 so I am hopeful.

Below are screenshots of my gear and stats along with how to roll each item to help newer players. The gear and affixes are 95% identical for both characters.

Wizard – Played as main, spams Twister to apply immolate (20% chance) and stun (70% chance). Twister also taunts mobs although the taunt radius of Twister seems to be quite small. 1.431 billion base DPS, 2.862 billion DPS with a power shrine.

Rogue – Played as hireling. Set to follow at 15 yards and only use Guidedshot. Appies shock stacks, Guidedshot is great for clearing stray mobs. 1.272 billion base DPS, 2.544 billion DPS with a power shrine.

Main Weapon
Item base: Eternal Masochist’s Edge (Warrior item)
Affixes found on this item that cannot be rolled: Masochist set affix, Weapon damage %, % Barbarian.
Modification steps: Add 15% attack speed mythstone
Notes: You can modify the element and nature and utilize sockets of eternal items. Also make sure barbarian percentage is beteeen 80-82% for the wizard weapon to give you enough mana to use twister.

Item Base: Eternal Sthenno (Rogue item)
Affixes found on this item that cannot be rolled: % Execute Damage and % Damage to Elites
Modification steps: Add 15% attack speed and +4 Attack mythstone
If using a legendary version: Keep % Execute Damage, % Damage to elites and Demonic set affix. Roll off other affixes. Add additional affixes.
Note – for the legendary version, if you decide to keep the speed affix, it is usually better to roll it off and then add it again using a ruby crystal. With a max quality level item you have a good chance of getting a perfect 15% roll. It’s better to use diamonds to get the % Execute Damage and % Damage to Elites as close to perfect as possible since they cannot be added via crystals.

Chest (Wizard)
Item Base: Berserker Rags (Warrior item)
Affixes found on this item that cannot be rolled: Berserker.
Modification steps: Keep Berserker affix. Roll off the rest of the affixes. Add Exposed mythic. Max item quality. Add other affixes.

Chest (Rogue)
Item Base: Any
Affixes found on this item that cannot be rolled: None
Modification steps: Roll off 4 affixes. Add Exposed mythic. Max item quality. Roll off other affixes. Add other affixes.

Base item: Apex of Epiphany (Wizard item)
Affixes found on this item that cannot be rolled: Epiphany bonus and Elemental damage %. Modification steps: Keep Epiphany bonus and Elemental damage %. Roll off the rest of the affixes. Add appropriate mythic (discordance for wizard, fury for rogue). Max item quality and use diamonds to perfect roll the elemental damage. Add the other affixes.

Item Base: Cognition (Wizard item)
Affixes found on this item that cannot be rolled: Push the limit and Elemental damage %.
Modification steps: Keep Push the limit and elemental damage %. Roll off the rest of the affixes and add Effective mythic. Max item quality and use diamonds to roll affixes until you are happy with the percentages. Add rest of the affixes.
Note - If you bother to perfect roll the push the limit and elemental damage affixes on this item, I suggest you roll the crystal affix on this item before any other slot as this gives you 5 affixes to shoot for. Took me an average of 4k diamonds per ring to perfect roll the 2 affixes.

Item base: Frightening Choker (Rogue Base)
Affixes found on this item that cannot be rolled: Elemental Damage and +2 set affix.
Modification steps: Keep elemental damage and + 2 set numbers. Roll off other affixes. Max item quality. Max elemental damage affix. Add additional affixes.
Note – this item also comes with the +2 set affix. I used the mythstone version but you can save the mythstone by keeping the affix it comes with.

The only pet with an affix that is used in this build is Spike with momentum. I used Larimars to randomize all affixes until I got Twister/Guidedshot. Specific skills seem have a lower chance to be rolled. Then I just used Sapphires to roll the rest of the affixes.

Hero pages

Base DPS pages for Twister and Guidedshot

DPS with power shrine (with Enshrined Ascension perk) active

Thanks to everyone who took the time to give suggestions on the first two versions of the build and for answering my random question posts.

In case anyone is interested, here is the link to the first build:

And here is the link to version two of the build:

Edits since original post for version 3:

  1. Changed 50% Pierce to 15% Movement Speed on Wizard Chest
  2. Changed 100% Shock Damage to 15% Movement Speed on Rogue Chest
  3. Changed Pathfinder to Momentum on Rogue Chest
  4. Changed Death Nature to Elements on Rogue Ring
  5. Changed Death Nature to Elements on Rogue Amulet
  6. Changed Paralysis affix to Crit Chance on Rogue Pet

Very nice build. What’s the highest floor have you tried this so far?
edit: nvm found the answer

I think it’s better to have crushing flames bonus on at least one of the character

For the immolation damage bonus? I’ll keep that in mind as I climb. Right now damage isn’t an issue, it’s more the tediousness of floor climbing lol.

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Are you sure your damge deals only about 500 to 1 billion?? I have a weak stat dmge but when i hit mobs the lowest number that i see is around 500b.

I’m just quoting the stat page. It hits for way more than 500b and with crushing blow the higher the floor the higher the hits.

Ah i see. I was not able to reach that kind of stat dmge.

The stat page for specific skills is wonky. As I made this build I notice quite a few affixes that don’t adjust the stat page despite the fact that it clearly increases damage. These include:

  1. A lot of class talents such as mutilate, relentless, etc.
  2. Multi Attack and Extra Attack
  3. Angelic Set Affix
  4. Crushing Blow
  5. Deadly Strike

I’m sure the list of affixes that aren’t shown is pretty long. Also while the DPS stat page for my wizard’s twister and rogue’s guidedshot is pretty similar, mobs die much faster from twister. Too bad I can’t figure out a way to record gameplay to share.


Awesome build, I’ll save this build for scientific purposes :wink:

Good thing you said scientific instead of mathmatical. I basically switched out affixes one at a time and kept the ones that added the most DPS. It’s amazing how high you can go with the right affixes. I may create a build that focus on state page dps over real world viability to see if I can break 3 billion dps…

So I took his build into arena for the he’ll of it and was able to get to top 3% of mythic league but no higher. Not bad for my first time on arena with a purely dps build.

sir , the wizard twister got any mana issue ?

I can fire off 3-4 if i’m not hitting anything, but if I hit anything I have no mana issues because of the 250 mp per hit affix. Must have no higher than 82% barbarian though so rolling an eternal you need high weapon damage and low barbarian. if you use a legendary with just 50% barbarian it is definitely not an issue.

In arena it’s an issue since you will run out of mana eventually but I find that 95% of the time the other player is dead before that happens. There are like 5 teams I can’t beat and they seem to rotate in often when I’m around top 15% of mythic league…

It’s very natural. PVE affixes aren’t usually good at PVP.

I’m redoing this build for pvp and hopefully will have it ready by the end of June to exact my revenge…

I haven’t run into any of the so called immortal builds. There are a few teams that have a warrior with high defense and offense that I can’t beat and one team that used a ricochet spammer that I can’t beat. Too bad this is usually 3 of 5 teams on average anytime I get close to eternal league

Demonic 100%dmg and execute 200%dmg =300%dmg for below 25%health of enemy ?
Is this stuck ??

You mean do they stack?

They either stack or mutiply. Either way demonic set affix as a dps gain falls after affixes like momentum, masochist, and adventurer. The reduce enemy heal makes it better then defiant imo. If you are running a high dodge build it is not as good as pathfinder

i tried this build but why my mana is only 1.? i burned all of my crystals for this build and its fail. sad for me. :sob:

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How high is your barbarian? Needs to be around 80%. Use a legendary weapon until you can roll a high wd% near 80% babarian eternal.

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I used 100%z and i already changed it in 80%z this build is awesome. Can easily dominate the floor for 20secs per floor.

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Glad you were able to make it work. What floor are you on? Do you mind uploading a video? I’m trying to figure out a way to upload a video but I’m playing on an iPhone that isn’t unlocked. I’m thinking of playing on my amazon fire tv and just use my phone to do a ghetto recording.