Few questions from a newbie

Hello guys so i recently hit max level with warrior and im having issues . Few questions which come in mind and i cant solve alone need to be answered , and if you could help me that would be amazing .

First of all do i depend on pure RNG to gear myself ? Im aware i can increase my gold/luck/item drop but then i need to sacrifice dmg or something else which would result in me having issues on everything above Epic .

Second thing is - Should i cut my Gold/Luck/item drop stats for dmg to be able to progress into higher floors to increase the Crystal/Mythstone quality or i should just stick around Floor 200 and farm it endlessly .

And the third and most important question is , can you please tell me simple builds who would help me advance the most . Im still new to the game and im understanding different synergies but im unable to make build for myself which wouldnt cost a fortune to craft .

If you could point out something that is easy to achieve to atleast help me advance a bit with progression that would be amazing , since im already having issues at floor 220 on Epic .

This is what i currently have equiped . The only thing i kept in mind was the orb proc and the Living force . Im depending on the big amount of orbs and my OH spam to kill stuff but it doesnt do the job anymore . I started crafting mythic OH but i have to make huge collection to craft the last mythstone - Return . Sooo yeah I`m out of ideas and with the lack of knowledge im unable to advance properly . Thank you in advance . :slight_smile:

Farm around floor 200 for awhile. Gather lots of money, convert lots of legends. You need hundreds, thousands, of crystals to make good builds. I’ve been playing DQ for awhile now (I have a 37 legend rogue, 98 rare warrior, and 36 legend wizard) and I still do not have a perfect build. In fact, I’m still farming for gear/crystals/mythstones for a set to push me to floors above 200.

Just grind and farm. A bunch.

Okay theres something that i didnt know :slight_smile: . Thanks alot I wasnt aware i have to convert legends . Now when i know it , my hearth hurts by the knowledge of how many i have sold … :smiley: Should i convert items above legend?

Currently, I’m keeping all eternal/crystalline gear that I find (not THAT many) and convert the ones I know to be on the trashy side.

Converting legends take 250,000 gold. Which in the long run, can add up quick.

Converting eternals/crystalline take 500,000 gold, again expensive quickly.

But, converting gear gives you higher quality crystals (like obsidian, amethyst, topaz) the crystals you need to make a build.

I’m not sure what “RNG” is, but, mainly you’ll get better more rare items with luck. (Not in-game luck, real luck). It’s all chance, my friend. Luck/Item Drop in game does help, but still. Keep praying for a miracle.

Okay and which floors should i grind ? I saw that alot of people say 181 for gold , but im also unaware if thats a good one or i should just continuously grind 150-200

Keep Gold/Item Drop/Luck affixes on gear until you have a healthy amount of crystals/mythstones and gear to start making a build and/or crafting.


I farm 181 for both gold and gear. I make about 400-600k per run and around 6-8 legends.

181 good for gold
191-200 good for experience.

How are you making that much gold per run ? Maybe i should improve my gold/luck stats more .

My rogue has 232.1% gold find. My warrior has 431.4% gold find. I do use both at once (not sure of the hireling formula). I do most farming in legend (don’t have gear to go to Mythic-3. I can do Mythic-1 but takes me awhile.

The formula is (Main +Hireling )/2 . Should i rush to level up a hireling or i could go with 1 char. And If i should level up another toon what is the better option to pair it with Warr ? I already have Rogue and mage at 10-20 lvls but havent started playing them yet .

I do Rogue/Warrior team. It’s personal preference which character you use for a hireling.

Okay i guess then i will start leveling Another toon when bored from farming with the warrior . Thank you alot for your time it was very usefull for me . I owe you a beer :slight_smile:

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Also, for quick gold/exp to level - get challenge maps with pack size above 70%. (Don’t use it to level newly made characters though, lots of reviving)

Well thats how i leveled my warr . Bought map and then used crystals to make it with pack size above 140 % That helped alot

I don’t personally advise it, but to each their own

I do not understand how do you get that much gold from a single map tho , Right now im with 444% gold find and i dont think i will get 100 k with 1 run … :frowning:

I do Legend mode, with hireling, floor 181.

With pack size% I make maybe 2-3mil.

Also legend mode 181 without hireling and 444% yours should be (232+431)/2=330% i have absolutely no clue … :frowning:

330% plus the amount Legend Mode gives.