Finally! Im back after a year or so, cuz you know work your ass for living


I couldn’t make it on top 10 and up cause of the cheater’s like modded items but I’m happy with it that I made it at least at top 20 below.



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Is this not the hackers’ league?

Here is the top 3 I see in 2v2:

So what about this…
This Character is a Legit Player in DQ


And also I just updated my game in Playstore like an hour ago…
cuz they say there’s a new update.

There is! But so far I’ve been having a couple issues. Strangely distorted minimap and the new Obsidian function doesn’t work for me. Supposed to be new ultra rare sets, but not sure where they are dropped or if they can be rolled.

Not sure why your leaderboards are different from mine…

It just Reroll’s it.
it doesn’t change it

I know, it won’t work for me. Have you tested it?


Gah, frustrating. I tried uninstalling, same thing. I’m wondering if the new items will drop for me.

Yeah… Im farming for now to hunt down those new items

See if this help’s, let say that you have full affix or slot in that items, then all you have to do is remove two epic affix or so then apply obsidian if it not perfect like 45% crit chance apply again thee obsidian then will rerolls it.

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Ok, that worked, thank you! Removed one epic affix so that there was only one open slot, then Obsidian worked to improve the existing crystal affix.

Thanks again, good luck in the arena!

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Congrats and welcome back! :raised_hands:t2:

Hmmmm diamonds reroll Crystal affixes in old patch. Any everyother too.

I once volunteered for banned league :sunglasses: Yes the leaders boards do differ. Been in banned league twice. First bad flagging that was rectified by the devs . Then a few of us got the devs of temporarily ban us.

It doesn’t just reroll it, it improves it.

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Correct @D_MESSIAH is legit player but it is also stuck in the hard league like that I don’t know divs chicked out from the normal…:sleepy:

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Will sh*t, but either way i made it on top :call_me_hand: and also my build is not modified Im using Burssst barrage…

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