Justice for Rogue! whatever happened to equality?


I’m a Rogue user, and i just want to express my disappointments here. Whatever happened to equality? Please review and rework your Rogue, i mean wiz and warrior is always overpowered when it comes to health, skills, power and talents. Why is it that Rogue is always mediocre? Can’t you not balance the 3 of them without bias? Recently, Fire dot and bleed just got negated by perseverance affix which by the way is not capped in the arena. 120% of perseverance equals 0 bleed. We are relying mainly with bleed and fire dot but now its gone. Warriors are dominating the eternal league again. It’s always so easy for them, war is tanky and strong plus they’ve got prayer. Wizards can rely on resists for power plus it can have unli mana. How about the Rogue? Can’t you Devs just rework her and replace the pirate talents with something better? Flintlock and bow are impossible, you cant rely on them in the arena. I hope you understand me as a fellow DQ player.

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Justice For Rogue
Justice For Rogue

I support this post. scale down 10K HP to 7.5K seems reasonable or scale down Prayer a lil bit.


Yes percent based healing has definitely been noticed by the dev team especially prayer in particular and will be getting a large nerf :smile:


Scale hp back at 5k. As we all know, hp stat in warrior also has bonus in armor regardless of the hardened talent.

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Just do the calculations for rouge build who knows someone will crack the ice for rouges


why they dont just delete rogue -.- rogue is useless now.
i support this post!


Yeah same with this guy I’m a rogue user too. Nothing special with rogue now
I support this post


This is ridicules deleting a rouge


It just goes to show that Rogue now is incompetent and weak against an overpowered Warrior and Wizard. I love Rogue and we just want the devs to give her a fighting chance. Equal footing same as the other two.


Scaling down hp will make me choose mp as my health instead of hp with the same results as before but i will get more resists. There are more sets that buffs mp than hp so i think thats why hp is 10k and mp is 5k. dot immune characters happen but for me, 3 affixes to be immune from dot is a waste, i dont have any dot reductions. Didn’t played much rouge but i would change the talents for her to be more usefull.


remember that rouge doom the arena at patch 2.1 one of those rouge is aztralita but gone missing for now who know at patch 2.3 rouge will dominate again the arena


scale it to 5k is better


Aztralita is one of my mentors and he’s disappointed with what’s happened as well. In fact he supports my post. Di ba Beh?!


where is she??


He’s a he. LOL. He’s just busy right now. Who knows maybe he’s staging his comeback. Very very soon.


the problem with 10k HP is that it makes Prayer ridiculously powerful as it scales with how much HP you have.


ops my bad i tho she because of the name sorry about that


I would like to clarify as of right now wizard is the weakest class for PvP with out abusing hidden mechanics. Rogues currently are not quite warrior tear but are very much still strong enough to be on that leader board and there are many warrior builds at the top that would work just as well if not better on a rogue then on a warrior I agree 100% a lot of stuff needs nerfs but the reason we do not currently see particularly viable rogues is not because of their lack of viability rogues have some ridiculously strong abilities in there corner you just need to figure out how to abuse them and trust me once my wizard gets hit with it’s upcoming nerf I will absolutely join in in abusing them :wink:


But I can go with mp and have the same amount of hp with bloodmagic and then use prayer. Also most of healing is not from prayer.


No, you wont get the same HP