Finally reached div 1 arena

Coming for you @Mr_Scooty :slight_smile:

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Outstanding. My Warrior awaits you.


Your warrior is the only one i cant beat haha time to figure it out :slight_smile:

Makarov’s warrior, it took me 2 fights to understand how and after that im 100% against him.

Your warrior is stronger and has more damage reduction i think. I win about 1/3 time so unless im really lucky i loose vs you.

And what u donagainst long range infinit ricochet that dont die from manashield reflect?

Flashers build has a ton of regeneration. The immortal craft I shared with forum can defeat the richocet build. His ricochet has longer range than your barrage craft.


My bad wolf build is good against barrage. He is an immortal and anti immortal hybrid that uses ricochet through mana shield and furies to distract barrage direction.

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@Mr_Scooty i’ve just encountered this wiz that has barrage build. forgot whats the IGN of that wiz. that barrage build has Bleed and Reflect DMG. RESULT. im dead and lose the battle.

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Ey! Your barrage ai didnt do anything. Please! fix ur ai settings. Im really curious about ur barrage. I really want to see how it works. :slight_smile:

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My build for arena is the anti immortal that @Mr_Scooty posted.

Olympian is for fun :slight_smile:


My “Bad wolf” build which I’ve posted on here is an immortal and anti immortal mix.

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@Tokiba weapon is the noisy cricket and mine is Series IV De-Atomizer. :smiling_imp:


nope. @NUIQUE

Pistoleer rogue can easly kill barrage
Like @flasher13 build… i hate him so much, ahaha

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@brang well i must say, at first. when you’ve encountered @Flasher13’s Rogue, its hard and you cant keep closer. but if you already figured out how to beat his rogue. its easy. but for barrage build like yours, its really difficult.

@brang. I envy that rogue so much. My cv torrents
can’t kill her. Haha.

@NUIQUE just because @flasher13’s rogue uses Regeneration.

Yeah. I think it was an alchemy build with druidic/permafrost bonus.

By the time I was able to draw enough draws to kill her with CVs, it was already 1-2 and it was getting even worse for me.

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With my rogue, its like 40% win rate, sometimes i can kill him, but still hard to win… lose 2-3 most of time…
Maybe enigma will help me teleport to him, but i dont like that mytic… huhuhu

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But with immortal build, u can kill him easly, when CV proc, charge him and wirlwind…
I try make a build like him… but its disaster… ahahha… im realy2 not good to make build

Yep. I’ve used my incomplete immortal. It lacked one set for immortality. I was almost pissed because that rogue was my only obstacle up to div1 at one time. But I appreciated the build. Very beautiful.

Yes i did it only with barrage anti immortal @NUIQUE
Make sure u got 19 barrage skill in pvp and u will outrange all barrage wizz. If they got 19 barrage, they all run out of mana. I can only remember of vivx and surdiman’s wizz that jas 19 barrage and both run out of mana at around 10 sec of the end of each rounds. Making it very easy