Fintlock build help & some questions

hi Guys just need help with my flitnlock rogue, here are my items atm, need any suggestions, im aiming for farm type. tnx

and i have some questions,

  1. is there a link here where can i see max cap for stats? example max crit dmg=350% like those things?
  2. Does same affix on different items stacks example, 2 elemental crit 30%=60%
  3. if im using a hireling does the hireling follow the luck/drop rate of its self or the main char??
  4. and which is better? should i cap crushing blow at 60% or get the 1000hp on hit legendary affix for survivability??

tnx guys

  1. Max stat caps are in All Stat if there is no [###] beside stat it means it does not have stat cap
  2. It stacks the only thing you need to consider is the stat caps you cant have greater than 60% elemtal crit
  3. Im not sure about this but it follows the luck of your character being used the hireling will just boost your Experience gain by 100%
  4. First its Crystal affix not legendary affix, Crushing blow is not that great damage it confusing about the effect, yes its better to have 1000 hp on hit or % dodge for survivavility

i think when the stat turns to orange that means i have reached the max stat cap, coz my crit are at max and they are color orange.

oh so should i remove my crushing blow and just retain my 1000hp per hit???

i tried putting blood magic will that benefit me??

yes it turns orange , try to have Bucaneer and make your Nature suited for gunner type

i made my headgear with blood magic will that benefit me?? or should i change that to bucanneer? what do you mean nature suited for gunner type

you should do both blood magic and buccaneer. Since Mythic and Set Blood magic works the same, use the mythic version. Also, if you can, change the flat ED to ED%. Flat ED is not affected by your other stats while ED% is. I’d also change your OH weapon. You already have Coat Proc% don’t need the item, use either Bomb or Trap and Amber Stealth onto it (I’d do Bomb personally.)

ohh nice . tnx for the advice. so i should replace thos 5000 elemental dmg with percentage? like 20% from rubies? and then for example i have a bomb that has 100% ED does the effect go to the OH only or both OH and MH weapons. tnx in advance

yeah, the rubies will work for that and yes the ED on teh bomb works for both MH and OH

But you can’t get elemental damage % with rubies.

yeah I meant the Epic Gems one, it is orange. Eventually, you will want to try and find items that already have the Legend Affix ED%. Have you read Crystal Crafting Restrictions and Skaul's Hierarchy of Tips and Tricks [SHTT] [2.5]? These are go to guides for new questions.

oh my mistake i mean the WD, bcoz my bomb has 100% weapon dmage, not elemental dmg, does it affect both MH and OH or only OH

WD only affects the weapon it is on

oh thats what im looking for items with ED, tnx for the tip, i have a bomb that has WD, not ED% so i think its useless. is it worth to have a coat weapon proc??tnx in advance

I love using coat proc, it gives both ECrit and Crit and with only 2 you can have 50% chance.

Fixed. Proc chances are calculated over time. Doing 10 attacks per second and 1 attack per second will yield the same proc chance per second.

I feel like coat proc can be really strong in arena (after being almost killed in 1 second by your cosmic orb crits :smiley: )

I never said it didn’t have its uses. Proc Coat weapon is very good for Burst while Crit chance is better for DPS.