First eternal pet


nice Fairy for a Warrior Build. looks like it could be good for PVP or PVE Scalp Build.

But I don’t really like the warrior class😟

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I don’t really like Warrior either, but as I have been using my Warrior as the Main in my Rogue & Warrior Ascending, I have gotten some ideas for Warrior Builds that I might actually like. this means more testing when I am done Ascending…

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Same because of its boring skill(in my opinion)
And low range​:rofl: but that is my first hero before i change to wizard and then i abandoned the wizard and now I’m stuck on my rogue :rofl:

Btw wgat is ascending?

For me warrior is best for floor climbing build. It’s fast.

For what reason?

Coz my priority when climbing is move speed.Although wiz and rouge can climb fast using teleport skill for wizard and vault for rouge.

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Thanks dude but i think all character is balance

Ascending is the Term used for Players working to gain Perks. there are 6 Perks that can improve your ability to Farm, and to make your Farming more productive.

basically, you don’t really need Perks if you already made the One Awesome Build, but they really improve your Farming, making it easier to get those Ultra Rare Crystals & Myth Stones, more Gold from drops & selling Items, Eternal, Legend, & Crystal Items drop more often also, if you plan on making Many Awesome Builds.

experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100, so most players just kill monsters around floor 100-120 until they get all the Perks they want. the amount of Experience you need for each Perk goes up, so making an Ascending Build with +200% Experience (6 Quest Stones) is important. the down side to this is that when you get a Perk, you go back to level 1. your stats start over, but you don’t lose your Hero Points, which is really good. most players make a level 1 Build to get them to level 20, then switch to level 40 Build Equipment to level 50, then put on their level 100 Build Equipment.