Floor hiking build curiosity

If you have Crit chance, Crit DMG, and DS, does it slay the Cart and Enslaver above floor 4k with an instant? And also, does the Crit DMG increase the damage itself just like the Crushing Blow do?

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Having Crit Chance, Crit Dmg and Deadly Strike != Instant kill. It just means that your attacks does increased damage(Crit Dmg/DS) consistently(Crit Chance).

It all boils down to how much damage you can deal first before it can be increased by said affixes.

I’d wait for @Golem for a more detailed explanation on this so stay tuned!

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Crushing Blow & Crit Damage work differently, although they are calculated at the same time. (the chance for Crit and/or CB is done at the same time)

CB has a % chance take 25% of your enemies Current Health. the higher the rarity of the monster, the lower the % of Current Health that is taken.

I haven’t heard of anyone one hit killing a monster of any kind on higher floors without using a Crushing Flames and/or Frozen Build. eventually, on higher floors, monsters have so much Health, it’s more about crazy high DPS or Chained High Damage (like a Poison Build or a Bleed Build), than just a one hit kill.

Critical Damage is a kind of Spike damage, and anything that causes damage can cause a Critical Hit, except for Crushing Blow or Crushing Flames.

Epiphany (5), Rage (5), +225% Crystal Crit DMG, +75% Critical Hit, +70%, or better, Deadly Strike, Brutal Mythic will get you about 50% of your attacks being Deadly Strike for 3x Crit Damage.

for normal builds, a Max Crit damage with Brutal is 15x of damage done on Deadly Strike. with Epiphany, you would get up to about 17.6x damage done on Deadly Strike with Brutal.

hope this helps, even though I wrote a lot.


But purely Crushing Blow in high floors are highly effective Mr. Golem. Nahh… nvm Mr. Golem, what’s important the most is that you slay Cart and Enslaver in a short period HAHAHA


of course. nothing works as good as CB on higher floors to get enemies health down fast. but when you get enemy health down to 3, CB can’t do fractional damage, so you need another form of damage to finish the monster off.

I have to say, when I was a Noob and discovered Crushing Blow, I thought it was MAGIC!!! :smirk:

and when I discovered Crushing Flames, well, I kind of felt a little sorry for the monsters. not sorry enough to ignore the Loot, but a little sorry.


When I’ve shown my items to Mr. Berot by messaging me here in this forum, and he didn’t believe that my CB based items can slay Cart and Enslaver even I’m at the floor 3.9k for about 2-3 sec and I have my psychology or speculation that the Crit chance, Crit DMG or deadly strike (DS) are highly effective in PvP


in PVP, Crushing Blow with Crushing Flames can work pretty good against Characters with high Health. PVP Characters are considered Rare Tier. and yes, it really wacks Epic+ monsters.

now that you mention it, I wonder if I can make an Epic Affix Crit Damage PVP Build. I usually go defense, but maybe overwhelming the enemy player with crit damage would be fun.


Normally for just hitting the bosses, I’d say you dont need much crit chance as eventually you’re gonna hit a deadly strike anyway, so better to have a second 225% crit dmg

For my floor hiking build (after patch of crushing flames, I’ll explain how this was patched at the end)

I use Crushing Flames(5) - not 6
With Frozen(5) and Electrocution(5) and the general idea is to crush the minions below 25% health for execute damage (Stheno OH works great),
-if you’re using crit in this build, make sure your chance is high

The MH (ice) has as much base damage from WD% and WD+
The OH (fire) has as little base damage as possible to prevent accidentally killing the enemy with the wrong element
The Hireling (Shock) just deals as little damage as possible, you just want the stacks for Electrocution

Then just as much Ice dmg% and Frostbiting% as possible for Frozen
This build has worked for me up to around floor 6300

As for the Crushing Flames and Frozen ‘patch’
You can’t straight up kill an enemy with Crushing Flames(6), it just goes to 1 hp, and then the next attack kills them
Thats why i use only (5): to leave room for setting up the kills


thx @TeaCup . I had heard of the Patch for CF, but didn’t know what it was. that would really change how CF works with Frozen Set.

I used Frozen for a bit, but my Build didn’t use it very well, so I’ll probably keep using CF (6) until I think of a good Build & play style with Frozen.

shoot, I still haven’t gotten to floor 2k, but I am real close. been working on my Rogue & Warrior Ascending. going for Perk 6 now.


I agree with you, CF(6) and Frozen(5) can’t kill epic monster instantly with the new patch. So I added CF bonus and still it works pretty well.

Nope, I don’t use Crit chance or whatsoever that produce Crit context. I’m basing in a Crushing Blow and Crushing Flames that deletes an epic enemy even I’m at floor 4k currently.

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Can you show us what set you are using? Are you hiking solo or with hireling?

With hirelings or not, it is still painful and I have my hirelings just to max her out up to ascension 6

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Wait for a while, gonna post it

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My cons in my item is that it will dodge the attack up to 3 times and once it triggers the Sanctuary, death is waiting not until I reload it again for next 30 secs

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Ayan na tol (there you go bro)

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Nice build👍

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Yeah! Simple items but it slay an enemy with an instant and I won’t change this item but sooner or later I’ll get bored with it.