Frozen Throne Full Ice Mode [Wizard Build: PvE]

**Just before we start, this build req any of 3 eternal pet (Shine, Spike and Scout) with +150% Crit damage due to all 6 Set affix from Item will be used to maximize damage. What I mean is there is no place to add rage set affix to cap crit damage.

Just like what u can see, this build using Data Dana No Mi base (err actually that build use this base build lol). The only change u need only Set Affix changed arcanist=frozen, Ascendent=Permafrost.

So here some info about why I chose those affix.

Set Affix
Pathfinder = Good choice for boost damage while having more survival affix (Dodge).

Adventurer = PvE Build, gold drop, loot more damage, more m.speed. great for fast clearing.

Momentum = anyone know it Adventurer Set twins brother haha, more damage multiplying.

Reactor = Using Orbs skill primary, orb deal damage each 0.1sec, great for close range mobs while arc beam serounding mobs eventually kill them all.

Living Force = Great damage multiplier for Orb and arc damage on orb return.

Permafrost = More +%Ice damage from set, for more damage output, and its Ice Build lol.

Frozen = Boom~ u know that,

Mythic Skill
MH: Cosmic Orb = Great with AoE effect, beside it damage effected by living force on return, why not?

OH: Nova = More chance to freeze/lock those serounding mobs while deal some damage. This also good choice since Magnify talent also increase the Nova blast range.

Robe: Brutal = Have capped Grit damage, now its time to make it deal ×3 damage of crit damage when Deadly strike happen, great spike damage,

Hat: Desperation = Spamable, no need to worry as long as u have good amount mp regen value.

Ring: Discordance = swapping damage, cost and CD of MH weapon between Primary & Special. The key for spamable Orb.

Necklace: Senctuary = Having 1 HP, even fly can kill it lol, need this for revange.

Crystal affix
Dodge, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Deadly Strike, Crushing Blow
*U can replace Weaken with Legend Affix Ignore resist, the only reason I choose weaken over ignore resist because my eternal shine also have +60% Weaken (make in total 150% weaken)

Legend Affix
2× +50%Glasscannon.
2× +100% ED
1× +100% WD (MH Weapon)
1× +1000 Regeneration (+20 heroic on intelligent for desperation
1× +50% Barbarian (more damage multipliers)
1× +50% Push Over Limit (Another damage multiplier)
1× +30% Element Crit Chance
1× +100% Frostbiting
3× +15% M.Speed
2 × +2 Multi Attack / zenith added on ring & Necklace.

Mythic Stone
×2 Elixer (this build required Unique affix obtainable only from drop so there is no possible way to use nadroji accessories to craft this build)

Talent: Focus(Robe), Amplify(Hat), Magnify(Ring) & Empower(Necklace)

Nature : 6× Element.

Hero Point : 299 Power.

Heroic :20 Orb, 20 Teleport, 20 Dexterity, 20 Intelligent.

Recently just setup this apk on my tablet, its app to screen record, so I just try record with it, no root needed and can be used on my current OS,



Back at it again with all these builds guys! :smile:

whats the name of acreen recorder u use?

Recordable… U can search that on Google play

tnx ill try that.


can i use another weapon but have weapon dmg