Fruit (LOOT) NINJA! PvE Build Reveal [Rogue]

…Slice, dice and splice any enemy, any difficulty!

…Pillage loot faster than you ever thought possible!

The Epic Ninja has finally arrived…こんにちは

:zap::boom::zap:Welcome to the unveiling of the Fruit (LOOT) Ninja build!:zap::boom::zap:

This build features Rogue’s Chakram with its special skill converted to KnightsCharge. When placed on a chakram, KnightsCharge initiates a circular spinning movement not unlike Whirlwind… The catch is you
move through maps like lightning! No additional Move Speed, Attack Speed or Cooldown Reduction required – giving you more space for DEADLY affixes! Simply equip it and whip it!
Warning: extremely sharp. Don’t use on things you don’t want immediately dead decapitated or deceased. Not for children under 2.

How it works:

A. Move like a butterfly sting like a bee! :facepunch:t4:
Spin through level like LIGHTNING, striking enemies while weaving and juking attacks like a pro running back!! Speed is both your offense and defense in this build. You’re a ninja after all!

B. Things die. One shot one kill, or your money back!

C. Double back for missed loot (or supercharge your Ninja’s reach with +Pickup Radius :boom:)!

D. Enemies got you surrounded? Ha…Think again! Convert your OH’s special skill to Taunt. Respawn with a vengeance!!! Hmph. Didn’t even break a sweat.

E. Have a blast.

Watch the video!


:strawberry::crossed_swords::watermelon: Build Breakdown :strawberry::crossed_swords::watermelon:

*First I’d like to say that the kryptonite of this build are DoTs (Fire and Poison elements). If one of these elements hits you it will proc Sanctuary, but even after that you will still die from the DoT since we’re working off very low HP in this build.

Special Skills:
The main features of this build are KnightsCharge special skill on our MH chakram and Taunt on our OH.

Momentum - combos well with Adventure, lots of damage
Identity - increases the damage of KnightsCharge
Pathfinder - this build maxes out Dodge so Pathfinder is a great addition
Frozen - the icing of this build - causes groups of enemies to explode, dealing massive damage. Particularly useful for maps with Pack Size and for one-shotting Epic/Legend/Mythic enemies
Permafrost - for the added ice damage

*Energy - extra damage & MP freedom
*Sureshot - a big boost to this build. Causes every 1st hit to crit the enemy which pairs well with Deadly Strike and helps us kill things in a single swipe
*Sanctuary - this will save you from a lot of deaths and is your main life support if dodge doesn’t proc. Don’t replace :skull_and_crossbones:

Crystal Affixes:
•Crit dmg x2 - we want Sureshot to hit with maximum power to reduce the likeliness of having to strike twice
•Crit chance - in case we do have to strike the enemy again, we want it to be a crit :+1:t4:
•Dodge - for easing the burden on Sanctuary to keep us alive
•Deadly strike
•Resource cost - extremely helpful, combos great with Energy Mythic and allows us to have 2x Push the Limit affixes without running out of energy

Ruby Affixes:
~Weapon dmg 100%
~Ice Dmg 100% x4 = 400%
~Glasscannon 50% x2 = 100%
~Frostbiting 100% x2 = 200%
~Elemental Critical (Freeze) 30% x2 - we want to freeze enemies as much as possible for the sake of proc’ing Frozen when they die
~Move speed 15% - boosts damage output from Momentum
~Ignore Resist

Chest: doesn’t matter, nothing really helps us much; go for what looks the coolest!
Head: Stagger - helps stun enemies before they’re able to strike us. Relentless is also an option if you’re not quite able to one-shot enemies yet.
Ring: Counter - only slightly helpful; if an enemy does try to hit us at least we’ll reflect some damage back
Amulet: Deadeye - adds 20% Deadly Strike, combined with our Deadly Strike crystal affix means we’re able to max out the attribute

Natures: All the Natures on our equipment are set to ‘…of the Elements’ for the added elemental damage. :wind_face::snowflake::dash:

Questions / feedback?? I’m happy to hear your thoughts :smile:

I’m excited to see how your build works :blush: . Please take your time explaining the build to us because we’re more than happy to read :wink: .

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Thanks Cuzeg :smile:

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whats the amulet with push the limit?
and the trap & armor with 100% ice dmg

Masochist Fetish for Amulet, Insolence Trap, and Aether Wrap for that Leather Armor.

Any video to see how this build works @JesusSaves ?

Here is the video, I live in a small village in South Africa so I’m not sure how the quality is when I uploaded it: :smile:


Hey Yoomi!

I’ll just name all the original armor in case anyone else is curious:

MH Weapon: Ragnarok Chakram
OH: Insolence
Chest: Aether Wrap
Head: Aether Cover
Ring: Cognition
Amulet: Masochist’s Fetish

When choosing from Masochist’s Fetish and Entropic Jewel, the 50% Push the Limit affix gave more dmg than the 100% element dmg from Entropic so I stuck with Masochist’s. Hope this helps :smile:

just gunna ask how the hell did you do whirling patterned attacks though your skill varies with knightscharge and not whirlwind? I have seen someone doing like that but it’s because he’s using cyclone mythic on MH.

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Use an Amber crystal on a Chakram to convert its special skill to KnightsCharge, then when you activate the skill it performs a whirlwind motion (instead of a straight charging motion) because that’s the natural movement of a Chakram. Unlike Whirlwind though, your move speed isn’t slowed down, it’s actually increased along with your damage output. This gets you through maps in a jiffy.

This motion is also the same when you change the special skill on a Rogue’s sword to KnightsCharge. Which means… You can do this build with a Glinting Slicer, freeing up your hat slot for a Boundless Cap. I’m working on that build now, AKA the Ninja Shuriken build :smile: :smile:


Ahh I see :sweat_smile: all these years I’ve been playing and I never know that those things works like that LOL (that’s it because I’ve never been a fan of Rouges) mostly I’m into Wizards and Warriors :wink: thanks for your feedback though. Btw, nice build man! Keep it up.




This build looks so cool I will have to try it out sumtime :smiley:

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That makes sense :slight_smile: . Thanks for clearing that up.

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my build…ranarok ( max 40 WhirlingBlades + 40 steath)…defian + masochi + frozen + living force + adventure + momentum = very good


I want to see your gameplay about this build

Yeah that sounds like a great build, chakrams are quite powerful. It’s nice when you get to the point where you can just start farming for stuff you don’t immediately need once you’ve finished your first build, you’re not so forced to find each little item when decide to start a new build cause you’ve acquired a stockpile of sorts.

New build :smiley:

New build :smile:

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