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Hey everyone, I’m relatively new to DQ. (Been playing for about a week now.) I’m almost level 90 (Rogue) and at floor 169. I’m not exactly sure how to get good weapons/armor (mainly using equipment that increases DPS.) if anyone would care to teach a newbie, I would be grateful. Thanks everyone for your time.

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Maxing the stats of Luck and Item Drops will go a long way in finding the rare items. Plus set skills (The Green Ones on your Gear) called Eteranlized, Nadroji, and Crystalized helps. (Might be some spelling errors there but close enough) When I was farming and coming up I also maxed my Fortune Hero ability to give me better odds. You can take normal Red Items and make them Godly with Crystals and Mythstones. I farm exclusively on Mythic 3 Difficulty level as it gives you a better chance for better gear.

I’ve only played a couple months so I am sure someone else with years of experience will come in and give you some additional advice.

Have fun!

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This list will help you :

Rogue Set Builds
Green Garden Build by @cronos4321
XTREME (LOHKO) Build by @cronos4321
Blightbog Saboteur Build by @ocenyx

Crystal guide :
Rubik’s Crystallography

Mythics guide :
Mythics - DungeonQuest Wiki

I also suggest that you should create your PvE build, PvP build, and item hunting build.

That’s all!

If anyone else has any way to help and wants to continue helping further off the forums; I would gladly give my kik and/or Facebook for further discussion.

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well im a rogue user but not pistol user , but io think i can help ? maybe?
hope this can help
max your fortune(20)
have 1 crystal luck, 1 gold crystal gold find, and 3 legend item drops, and the rest is up to you whether its dps tanky or whatever?

This is the gear that I am using:

I also have this bow and dagger (idk if they’re good)::

+1. Need help still. Please and thank you.