Getting started

I play random build based on skullshield and slow orb.
how i should get my dps up? kinda cant kill nothing at lvl 140 maps with epic difficulty.
any tips and help is welcome :smile:

byw cant craft nothing yet :smiley: max cristal found atm is lvl 50-60.

Read and Use this will help u, because this help me at beginning

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do you only have Epic affixes on your equipment? or do you have some Legend items with Legend affixes and Sets?

even with the low level Crystals, Calcite to Flourite, you can make decent all Epic Affix Equipment. using only Angelite, Kyanite, and Flourite, you can get all affixes to be Epic at 75% to max values. having Equipment with an Item Quality of 0 or better can improve your equipment, even if it is only a little bit (I have found items from -8% to +8% Item Quality. -1 or lower Item Quality actually lowers damage of weapons and AR of the other items).

Don’t Use Quartz Until You Learn How To Use It! this takes off a random number of affixes from one item. even if it is an affix you want to keep.

umm, I would suggest getting +100% WD and +5,000 WD on both of your weapons, some Crit Chance and Crit DMG, at least 3x Weaken, maybe put 3x Crushing Blow. enough Dodge to get up to the cap of 60%. this will take up some space, but should help. putting Hero Points in Skull Shield and Orb will help with killing monsters, putting points in Dexterity will help with movement speed (which helps you move out of danger), cool down (which lets you cast Orb more often), and Dodge (helps you survive). also 1 +250 HP on Hit and +250 MP on Hit, so you stay alive longer and can keep casting Spells.

take a look in the Codex > Dictionary > Affixes. you can get an idea of what is available so you can put the most helpful affixes on your Equipment until you get the better Crystals to make cool Gears.

if you have the space, put 1 or 2 of Gold Find and Luck on your Gears, it will help a lot with improving your equipment by finding better Crystals and Legend items, and more Gold always helps, because sometime improving your Equipment can cost lots of Gold.


Atm using crimson set items.
Trying to craft + wep dmg and wep dmg%
Missing alot of cristals to craft items
Soon can acend? Is it worth or grind untill i get build ready?
Atm lvl 93 non acended

My strugle :smiley:

I got full set of +gold and item find.
Should i grind lower maps to get cristals?

Play on easy difficult, if ur main target is to farm crystal and gold, max ur fortune hero points
When u get stronger item, u can change ur difficult every time…
Dont focus to much on ur level, just grinding for gold and item. without you knowing it, you will leveled up…

Use plagued set on all ur item will help you too…

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you are playing Wizard? don’t use Battle Mage Set Items, because you can’t put Hero Points into the Skills Charge and Whirlwind (these are Warrior Skills). if you have +All Skills on your items, that would help a lot, but you are still in the learning stage, and getting the items or Myth Stones to get All Skills requires a decent Farm Build.

take a look in the Codex > LegendEx > Wizard to see what Wizard items have the affixes you want, and then look to see if there are any conditions required to get them.

even though it is still the early game for you, if you want to focus on farming before Ascending for Perks, take a look at items with Luck, Gold Find, and Fortune Affixes. there is a Chest & Head item combo with Adventurer Set, when you pick up Gold, damage and movement speed is increased when the Gold Picked Up Indicator is showing. Steigers Fortune is a Wizard Sword for Farming, and there are other items with farming affixes. farming before Ascending is good, as you can get the loot you need to make good Ascending Equipment.

for Ascending, what I did was get Farming Legend items, and as I got the Crystals and Myth Stones, I took some affixes off and put something else on. one of my goals was to get 6 Quest Myth Stones, which gave me a total of +200% Experience when killing monsters. when you choose your first Perk, you get sent back to a level 1 character, and the experience needed for the next Perk goes up (2x experience for second Perk, 3x experience for third Perk, etc.). your cool items go into your inventory and are replaced with level 1 items, like when you first started playing DQ. many players, when they are Ascending for Perks, have 3 sets of equipment, level 1, 40, and 100 (use the level 1 equipment to get to level 20, then use the level 40 equipment to get to level 50, and then you can use your level 100 equipment). this way, you don’t have to keep making equipment every time you get a Perk. the level 100 equipment need 6 Quest Stones, but the level 1 and 40 sets of equipment only need 1-3, because getting to level 50 is easy, but level 51-99 is harder, which is why you need 6 Quest Stones on the level 100 Gears. look in the Codex and see what the Perks are so you can make a decision for which ones to get early. most people get Fortunate, Dealer, and Accomplished early, and the other 3 later.

another thing that helps with farming is putting Hero Points in Fortune Skill. 20 points give you +50% Gold Find, Luck, and Item Drop. if you have items that can give you another 20 Points of Fortune for 40 total, then it is +100%.

it takes time to learn what everything does, but as you play, you will learn, and then you will be making cool Equipment.

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