Ghost Cartographers

On my LG G2, while running random maps, I keep running into a problem with the Cartographers. For some reason, now and then I will find one that I cannot target automatically. His information does not appear when I look his direction, none of my automatically attacking spells like SkullShield or Skulldraga will attack him at all, Orb and Arc won’t damage him unless they hit another enemy behind him, and he survives LONG after his health bar is depleted. Actually, that health bar thing has been happening with almost all of the above-normal enemies. This is making advancement incredibly difficult past floor 350 on Mystic 3. Even my hireling won’t target these near immortal ghost Cartographers.

Again, this is a known bug. But no one knows how/why it happens, that’s why it’s almost impossible to fix.

It seems to trigger in situations with very large groups of enemies concentrated in one area. I’m going to try to replicate the event in this way. Then, I will try again, but with all damage numbers turned off, as they seem to cause significant lag in these situations, and see if “ghost mode” still triggers. Be back with the results in a bit.

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