Going Floor 50k

Been doing floor hiking for a month :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I keep on climbing because of this +1% Rarity of CRYSTALS and MYTHICSTONES per 100 floor after you reach 500 floor and now i enjoying it rather than farming in low floor.
[ QUESTION : is the 1% Rarity rate is infinite? ]

The drop rate of Ultra rare Crystals is so common in highfloor and i think the drop of
Emerald , Sapphire , Fluorite is 5 to 10 pcs per map with pack size.


Build Used
500 to 6k Floor
Bow type Rouge
(5)Crushing Flames
with( full atk speed ignore resist and double strike ) but then i started to feel unease with my build because its getting harder and harder to kill Epic/Legend monsters and Cartographer . So i started to search for another build for faster Map clear.

6k to 13k Floor
Crushing Flames + Frozen Set. There’s a couple of variations for this build.
(5/6) Crushing Flames
(5) Frozen
300% Frostbiting or more
30% Element Crit Chance
And add some MS speed or you can just use Charge (Warrior) ,Teleport(Wiz) ,Vault(Rouge) for faster map clear.[search the INFINITY BUILD for more idea about the mechanics of the build :smiley: ]

All monsters from 13k(i think) and up floor is only 1 hit by simply using CRUSHING BLOW (20% is enough).And its called Infinite Billion dmg (INFB)

Specials Thanks to my master Seighart_S.E :smiley:

Sorry for the bad english post xD xD xD


Rarity of Crystals & Myth Stones stops going up at floor 500.

floor 1-99 is the base drop rate for all Crystals & Myth Stones.
floor 100-199, you don’t drop the lowest Crystal & MS, and all others have the drop rate of the next lowest CS & MS (Obsidian has Amethyst Drop Rate now).
floor 200-299 you don’t drop the two lowest CS & MS, and all others have the drop rate of the next lowest again (Obsidian has the Ruby Drop Rate now).
floor 300-399 you don’t drop the three lowest CS & MS, and all others have the drop rate of the next lowest again (Obsidian has the Garnet Drop Rate now).
floor 400-499 you don’t drop the 4 lowest CS & MS, and all others have the drop rate of the next lowest again (Obsidian has the Zircon Drop Rate now).
floor 500+ you don’t drop the 5 lowest CS & MS, and all others have the drop rate of the next lowest again (Obsidian has the Jasper Drop Rate now).

higher Tier monsters have better chances to drop Crystals & Myth Stones. Magic, Rare, & Epic Monster Map Affixes increase the number of these Tier of Monsters being on a Map. Nadroji Set Bonus increases the chance of Magic & Rare Tier Monsters appearing by +100%. finishing the Monster Spawn Feats will get you the Legend & Mythic Monsters to appear. the Accomplished Perk makes Legend & Mythic Monsters appear more often. Pack Size Map Affix means more Monster Mobs to drop the CS & MS you are looking for. Item Drop means even more CS & MS getting dropped. Crystalline Set increases the chance of higher Rarity CS dropping. Mythic Set increases the chance of higher Rarity MS dropping. killing a Monster faster gives the best chance for dropping CS & MS.

basically, as an example, Floor 1 Million has the same Crystal & Myth Stone Drop Rate as Floor 500.

but that is a great build for climbing and big bragging rights for farming at such high floors.


1.2k more :yum::sleeping:


nice! :+1: gets my heart racing! :race_car: :checkered_flag:

one thing about having a Farm Build that can Climb Floors like yours does, when you get Eternal Challenge Maps at very high floors, your Farm Build can make use of them, instead of wasting them on your Climbing Build.

also, I have finally decided to make a Farm Build for Floor 505 M3 that is based on Crushing Flames for killing monsters. I have made 7-9 Farm Builds without Crushing Flames, and they do well on floor 505, but using Crushing Flames totally beats them in speed of defeating monsters.

thanks to @themitypoop and all other players who use Crushing Flames in their Builds for your inspiration of my next Farm Build.


I have 4 inventory full of Eternal map ill use them for Eternal pet hunt later :slight_smile: coz its greatly increases the luck % :heart_eyes: i hope i can get one


Im planning to buy new character slot and redo everthing gonna build a farming gear without chrushing flames for a different vibe :grin:

-Cant go back to floor 500 to 1000 :3 everytime i convert a floor 21 map seem the lowest convert is 6k thats why i want to creat a new character

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please share your build dude

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@olkyora its in the description bro


Rank 5 or 6 Crushing Flames
Rank 5 Frozen

300% or more frostbiting
60% Element Crit Chance
MS Speed is essential dor this build

and add some Dodge and Block on the OH for survival…

Mechanics is so simple for this build

–Rush on carthograper lure mobs besides him and use TAUNT (recommended) more mobs lured more effectivity of the build …
NOTE: You have to wait until all mobs and carthograper incase with ice altogether then Use your special skill its better to use storm for AOE EFFECT …



I came across this problem a few times.

what I did was make sure I had a Floor 500-510 Map in inventory before I leave the game. playing while tired, I forgot to get a Map from the Shop, so I just rushed Cartographers in Challenge maps until I was back to floor 505 (this is where I like to farm) and got 2 Floor 500 Maps. this way, if I forget to get a Map, I still have an extra and can buy 2 Floor 500 Maps so I don’t get stuck back at floor 200 trying to upgrade maps. I have actually forgotten to get a Map 3 or 4 times already, and the extra Map saved me a lot of stress of having to get back to my farming floor.

hope you have lots of fun Crafting your new Character!

Definitely save your maps for completing pet quests.

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450 more jeeezz :sleepy::sleepy:


My bet is this floor climbing isn’t legitimate.


Definitely legit or there are no unicorns.


@Skaul How can you tell ?

its sad one of mod telling this [EDIT: Just bcoz of the gold] .You can grind a thousand times with max GOLD or LUCK % using Crushing Flames + Frozen set and you can see this result :confused: :confused:

Finally 50k :slight_smile:


I guess im gonna post this picture of mine way back last year of Floor Hiking

August 8, 2018
Around 6k Floor


September 18, 2018
Floor 20k

Floor 30k

From here there’s a huge gap between date. i stop playing bcoz of work.

Screenshot October 2019 i lost the original photo – but i think i hit floor 30k December of 2018

Floor 40k
November 11, 2019

If anyone think this is Cheat or mod then review my ACC

ey dude are you filipino ?

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@olkyora yup

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Ah see this gives me a good understanding of what floor I can make it to 50k seems doable