Going Floor 50k

Idk if its legit but when the mod said because of the gold amount that you have i didnt understand because I’ve had 2b gold also unless he meant that you should have much much more gold based on ur floor

Also another reason it might be cheated is because he claimed to have played a little under a year so that’s at minimum 136 floors a day which is doable but idk

I have nearly 5b gold .

its easy to climb floor when you hit 13k or 15k floor lmao bcoz all monsters are only 1 hit using CB …

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Im going to upload my 1hour floor hiking gameplay soon.

Everyone can farm gold that easily.

If youre Climbing floors you dnt even need to CLEAR MAP/KILL ALL MOBS to farm gold …

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if you rush the Cartographer, he seems to drop more Gold than if you get to him after clearing the map, and killing him fast gets more loot also.

besides just farming for Gold, players can spend real money $ :dollar:.00 in the Shop to get lots of Gold.

I think in the 2-3 years I have been playing, I have spent at least around 2-3 Billion Gold Crafting Builds, converting items into Crystals, converting crystals & myth stones into better CS & MS, Vanities, things like that.

Crushing Blow can’t 1 shot any monster. Crushing Blow & Crushing Flames (6) can 1 shot Normal (grey/white) Monsters… if they are Immolated. DMG from the rest of your Build is needed to kill a monster when CB & CF get weaker from a monsters lowered Health.

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Ya idk I dont care much anymore I havent played in forever waiting for dq2


@Golem CRUSHING BLOW can 1 shot any mobs in 13k floor and up … i keep on telling this INFB DMG [INFINITE BILLION]

it seems some old players dont know about this becoz they dnt know what higher floor looks like…

Take a look on my DMG - INFB i only use 20% of it x2 mythic stone 10% CB



You dont need a DAMAGE BUILD if youre in higher floor… Just make a FULL FARM or EXP set if your leveling up a character. JUST PUT SOME CB :smiley:

I hope it helps

hahahhaha ayos din


@olkyora HAHAHAHA


well, I just got to floor 1400 M3, and am still Climbing. I also finally saw how Frozen Set works on +120%+ Pack Size Map Mobs, really nice!

looking at the screen shot, that INFB that you said 1 shot the monster, looks like a normal monster. the monsters on higher floors have enough HP that a Crushing Flames (6) Build or better will 1 shot any Normal Monster and show the INFB. if you 1 shot a Magic+ monster, it wasn’t Crushing Blow with Crushing Flames alone. Crushing Flames (8) only does 31.25% of a Magic Tier Monsters current health in DMG.

I haven’t done any testing on it, but if DMG from Crushing Flames is increased by a monster affected by Frostbiting, then Crushing Flames (8) could 1 shot a Magic Tier Monster affected by Frostbiting +220%, and a Rare Tier Monster could get 1 shot if affected by Frostbiting +1180% (this would require a lot of Eternal Items, so it might not be possible or very difficult to Craft).

on the other hand, since I haven’t gotten up to those floors yet, it is possible that there is some difference in the math used for DMG that is a secret to the Dev’s. so I can’t wait to get up there and find out myself!!! :telescope: :microscope: :man_scientist:



well i guess INFB dmg is a secret created by devs …

This is my proof INFB dmg affect all MONSTERS in 13k up . this dmg is magical hahaha :smiley: the only explanation i have is due to high HP MOBS have in high floors the calculation of CB DMG is INFINITE … oh i dont know really xD

Check my items as i say in my other replies … Just CRUSHING BLOW . then add afffix what ever u want EXP OR FARM BUILD

bandicam 2019-12-09 12-13-10-728.avi (5.2 MB)


Youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HFE5RnoZpI


part of my thinking on this subject is that if Normal & Magic Monsters die with one hit by Crushing Flames in a Mob affected by explosions from Frozen Set affected by Frostbiting, and they are near Epic Rare Tier+ Monsters, it would be easy to see INFB quite a lot, even against Mythic Monsters, but only if the amount of INFB from enough Frozen explosions can reach the amount of INFB needed to kill the Mythic Monster.

but now that I am thinking about it, if there is a limit to how much the maximum HP of any monster is when you reach a certain floor, then a Build like the one you are using just needs to be able to reach that DMG limit.

the reason I am saying this is because if there is a limit to the Floor that can be reached, then there is probably a limit to how high the Health of Monsters can get.

P.S. I just looked at the YouTube Link. I guess I should just say forget anything I have said on this particular subject. I am thinking that it is a Bug of some kind, but then I wonder if the 25% of current INFB Health in DMG is considered 25% INFB DMG and thus an instant kill. something for a Dev like @tdaniel to think about. 50% Crushing Blow with an attack that hits at least 3x a second, or 30% 4x a second, instant kill in a second.

@themitypoop those Gears you used for the demonstration were :rofl: funny! I wonder if those players who have gotten as far as Instant Kill INFB Floors have gotten farther than we think they have. make the Build right, die a lot less, finish Maps a lot faster. almost like discovering God Mode in a game.

wow, just using CB to kill, you could make some really cool Builds with the space left over. as long as you reach the floors with INFB! :heart_eyes::star_struck::crazy_face::thinking::nerd_face::face_with_monocle::smiling_imp:


@Golem the reason why i only use those gears so that other players can see what highfloor looks like and inspired/encouraged them to get on highfloor…

Indeed you can make anything u want if you reach infb floor (GOD MODE) :joy::joy::joy:

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yeah, I thought that those were for testing/proof only. but still, it was a funny looking Build, especially when you think of how empty the Items were for the Floor you are on. it would kind of be like having 2 affixes on every item on Floor 200 M3, or something crazy like that.

the video is a great look at higher floors and what is possible if you get up that high. thx for sharing. :bowing_man:


@Golem youre welcome :slight_smile:

Laslty theres another secret in highfloor aside from INFB /Its in your defence stats hope you’ll find it soon.

Have fun climbing floors :wink:

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Seeing as how I’ve never seen that gold total once from someone who hadn’t cheated, and also that your DQ group on Facebook is Private, I still personally believe that this isn’t legit.

The defense you put up also makes me skeptical. But I have no power to find out in game, I’m only a forum moderator. :slight_smile:

Keep on keeping on.


@Skaul anyone can say its not legit of course its simply they cant achieve it :slight_smile:

EDIT: Having that amount of gold nowadays is normal

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you are correct, anyone could say that the amount of Gold you have, or anyone else for that matter, isn’t Legit. but it also goes the other way, you or anyone could say that that amount of Gold is Legit. and to prove it, there are quite a lot of posts where this has come up and been discussed, so it is a serious matter for both sides of any post where this topic comes up.

the only way to truly find out how much Gold it is possible to Farm in a set amount of time is for someone to Craft a Farm Build on an account and not spend any Gold at all. and then farm for 1 hour a day for a month or year. then share results. maybe have 10 different people do this, since they each might have differences in Farm Builds and how they actually Farm for Gold.

Gold Purchase in Dungeon Quest! Shop:

10 million Gold: $0.99
30 million Gold: $1.99
100 million Gold: $4.99
300 million Gold: $9.99
1 billion Gold $19.99

in Patch 3.0, it says Gold Purchases give dramatically more Gold, and I don’t know if these values are from before or after the 3.0 Patch.

so it might be possible for someone to Farm for that much Gold, given enough time and effort, and it is possible for someone to have that much Gold if they purchased it in the DQ Shop, if they are willing to spend money on Gold they could get for free just by Farming.

and of course, only a Dev could prove things one way or another.

@themitypoop thanks for giving us Low Floor Crawling Players a peek at floor 50k.
@Skaul thanks for your Moderating.