Gold visual bug

I’m experiencing a fixed(gold stuck) gold amount when viewing it in the stash or inventory. While during gameplay, the correct amount updates when gaining or using gold

The fix gold 2147483647

And this one during gameplay

That’s a strange bug never had that my self. And how did you get a green map o.o

The eternal map you mean. By lots and lots of farming maps and finding legend maps. To increase eternal maps, use eternalized and treasured ascension. It’s much easier with 550% eternal legend chance ofc.

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it is indeed strange

Ok thanks a lot :smiley:

That’s the highest value a 32-bit signed integer can hold. It looks like whatever is generating the display for the inventory screen is capping it prior to generating.


alright. thanks!

Hey darellleysa! Sorry for the late response. I was int he holiday.
Noted. Altough I am very in doubt wheither there will be a bug fix about it :slight_smile:

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No problem. welcome back! :smile: