Golem Ascending - Again! Rogue + Warrior


last night I started Ascending my Rogue Main & Warrior Hireling. I have been using a Wizard that I Ascended for 6 Perks for about a year, and now I am doing the same for the other 2 Classes, but I am doing them as a Team. just got to 5th Floor on M3 using only Random Items I find. since it has been a long time that I used a Rogue, and I never really got serious with Warrior, this will be a nice learning experience. I have an idea for what kind of Ascending Builds I want for both of them, but I am going to spend some time getting to know my 2 Characters on the way to Level 50, and then I’ll Craft their main Ascending Gear for Levels 50+.

just as with my Wizard, I’ll be testing different weapons and ideas to see what I am comfortable with for Ascending. already switched from Shield to Hatchet for the Warrior, and from Sword to Hammer. working with 1 Hero Point for each is hard! I miss my Wizard so much! I forgot how slow it is getting Hero Points at the beginning. :sob:

well, I will update this as I go along, and hopefully my 2 Characters wont crash and burn as I lead them through the Dungeons of DQ as we all Ascend together to finish the Quest of Six Perks.


Update: well, using random loot to climb floors in M3 is a bad idea, as I now remember, so went to Epic difficulty. quality of loot went down a bit, but climbing floors and killing monsters is easier. Warrior has a Legend Hammer now and Rogue has Chakram. I can’t wait to get to level 50 so I can start crafting better gear. completed a Feat, so I have some Hero Points to work with now.

I am so used to using Wizard, that I feel like I am playing the Rogue with my hands tied behind my back. I use Teleport a lot to get out of trouble, and now I need to get used to Rogue Skills again to get out of trouble. standing there doing nothing as monsters attack is so troubling!


Update: the Hammer is Gelled for Warrior, and I got a Sudershana for the Rogue. still on Epic, but finally made all affixes for both characters Epic. mostly to improve fighting ability and save resources until I get my first Perks. both have Pets now, but still need to work on Warrior Pets affixes. increasing level of items every 5 levels. I really like Periphery with Mirrorcast on this build for Rogue, while using Arcane element with elemental crit for Orbits.

later I’ll tweak the Rogues affixes, and I really need to go through the Warriors affixes, as there are many I need to change. I was able to take down a Legend monster with what I have, but defense is low, so I die a few times. can’t help it since I am leveling and Ascending 2 Characters at the same time as a team.

only really big downside doing things this way is it is kind of slow, but that just reinforces my desire to make something that can move fast later. thinking of switching Warrior from Arcane to Ice, so he will have Frostbiting on the Hammer, which will help in taking down Epic+ monsters. and maybe Will of the Force for the Rogue.


Update - Sort Of: lately I have been thinking of how much harder it is going to be Ascending two Characters at the same time compared to doing just one. I even thought of using my Eternal Wizard to Ascend my Warrior and Rogue separately, but that would take twice as long as the Rogue and Warrior Ascending as a Team. I think I will just get them both to Level 99, and then work on making Gears with Quest Stones on them for the second to sixth Perks.

it was hard enough Ascending my Wizard, but I learned a lot, and I think it will be harder now, since I don’t know much about Warriors, and I need to make 2 different kinds of Ascending Builds, Rogue and Warrior, but I am sure I will learn a lot more again.


Update: this information can be found in other Posts, but I wanted to test whether having different Difficulty Settings between Main and Hireling affected anything.

Ascending Build: this is a build used to get the Experience you need to get Perks. it takes a lot of Experience to get Perks, the more Perks, the more Experience you need. what makes this build different from others is eventually you will have 6 Quest Stones on it to get the +200% Experience cap. as I was testing, I noticed that my Main and Hireling both had a +50% Experience Bonus. they are both at the same level when I looked. I know that when the Main and Hireling are different levels, that bonus gets reduced. when I had a level 99 Main leveling a level 1 Hireling, the Hireling had a .4% Experience Bonus. another thing I tested was do they average out the Experience Boosts from affixes. yes and no. I didn’t test out the Legend Experience affix, but I did use a Quest Stone. I put a +30% on my Hireling and only got +15%. but my Main didn’t get any bonus from the Hireling. I put a Quest Stone on my Main for +40% Experience and got +20% Bonus, but the Hireling only had the +15% from his Quest Stone. so Experience is averaged but not shared. it could be my device was acting up as far as this Experience experiment went. later when I craft Ascending Builds for my two Characters, I’ll update this part of the post.

Farm Build: this is a build used to get loot. some players make a Farm For Everything Build and others make a Specialized Farm Build, like a build focused on farming for Eternal Items. Gold Find affix and Greed Nature only needs to be on the Main Character. Nadroji Set and Bonus, Eternalized, Mythic, and Crystaline Sets are the same, they only need to be on the Main Character. Luck affix and Nature, and Item Drop Rate are averaged between the Main and Hireling. this also includes the bonus from the Difficulty Level. I tested my 2 Characters with M3 on both and 1 M3 and 1 Easy Difficulty, and Luck and Item Drop Rate were both affected when the Difficulty Level was different. because Gold Find is based on the Main Character, if you switch your Main and Hireling around, and the Hireling has a lower Difficulty Level than the Main when switched, then Gold Find will go down. Fortune Skill needs to be on both if used, for Luck and Item Drop, but doesn’t affect Gold Find from the Hirelings perspective. if you want, you could use Fortune Skill on Main only and just use Luck and Item Drop on Hireling to keep things even.
when using a Main and Hireling, there is a +100% Item Drop Rate over cap. so getting +200% Item Drop with Main and Hireling will give you +300% Item Drop.

Perks: for players who get those Perks, Dealer Perk is the only one that works with the Hireling, all the others are based on the Main. if you plan on having your Hireling be a permanent Hireling, then you only need Dealer Perk for it. but if you like switching your Characters around, then you get all the Perks. I think I will have my Warrior be the Hireling while Ascending for the 6 Perks, so Dealer will be first for him. Rogue will be the Main, and I think I will go Fortunate, Accomplished, Dealer, Enshrined, Hunter, Treasured.


@Golem if i fix my AI in arena i will ascend also my rogue and warrior…


thanks for the info!!!


first ascend of my Warrior DONE!!! i selected DEALER …


my Rogue finished ascending… i got dealer perk for more gold…


dealer was my 3rd choice. The gold is very usefull :slight_smile:


Update: the Gears on my Rogue and Warrior are at level 100 now, and am working my way up to floor 105 on Epic Difficulty. because I don’t have many Crystals to work with, I was only able to max out a few of the affixes, the rest are close to max. I have been going back and forth between Ascending these 2 and using my Wizard to Farm for stuff to improve the Wizards Farm Build and the Ascending Teams Ascending Gears later. also, while farming, my Wizard has had my PVP Wizard as a Hireling to get the last affix on the PVP Pet maxed.

Dealer versus Fortunate Perk: which is better in the early game? that is an important question for everyone. when you choose Dealer, you get to sell items in your inventory for 1,000% of their worth. the plus is you get lots of Gold, the negative is that in the early game, items are usually Magic Tier on average, and it is hard to fill all of your bags in one map. 60k to 100k per bag. with Fortunate you get +200% Gold from monsters and breakables, +200% Luck which means better tier items and Crystals/Myth Stones. it lets you farm while putting killing affixes on your Gears. and better chances for Legends to drop. a good reason to have Fortunate first and Dealer second is that the extra Luck means finding better tier items that can be sold for more Gold with Dealer. items found with a good farm build can generate 120k to 160k gold per bag, and have to empty all your bags 2 to 5 times on a Challenge map. that’s what makes Accomplished good, getting lots of Treasure Perks finishing faster to make this happen.


Update: my Rogue & Warrior are at level 99 and ready for their first Perks. I have decided to put Dealer on the Warrior, who is my Hireling, and Fortunate on my Rogue. this way, I have boosted my farming ability and increased the Gold I get from selling items in the Warriors bags.

at the moment, I am just farming with my Wizard as I think about the Gears I want for my Ascending Team.

one of the experiments I did was put in a lot of Epic Talent affixes on both of my Heroes, to see what would happen. I had about 8 different Talents on my Rogue, and 6 on the Warrior. but now that I am getting ready for my second Ascension for Perk number 2, I wont have the space to do that, so Quest Stones and Set affixes are next, and maybe a few Mythic affixes.

I have a lot more resources to work with to Ascend 2 Heroes at the same time as a team. when I started Ascending my Wizard solo, I didn’t have a lot of Crystals or Myth Stones to work with, so I ended up Crafting my Gears as I got the resources during my Ascension.

for those who are just starting to play DQ, don’t worry about not having awesome equipment. learning what everything is and how everything works comes first. as you learn, you will find a lot of good things that you can use later to make that awesome equipment to kill monsters with and find a ton of loot.

my starting equipment for my 2 Heroes was all random equipment, except I got a Legend MH Weapon for both of them, so I had 1 Set affix and a few Legend affixes for each of them, and all the other affixes were Epic. I changed a lot of the Epic affixes so I could survive better and fight monsters. I also used a few Emeralds to get my Item Quality to +10% for each item. my Wizard didn’t start getting a lot of Emeralds until after I got my second Perk, Fortunate, so my Rogue and Warrior are off to a better start at the moment. I used these Gears to get to reach Level 99, worked my way up to Floor 105 on Epic difficulty. most new players are in this situation, which is why I Ascended like this. to show that it can be done. to get my second Perks, I plan on using Legend items for all of my Equipment, and tweaking them as I Ascend. hopefully I can speed up my time in the maps by moving faster and killing monsters faster, and dying less often.