Golem tries to Craft Discordant Comet

I think a lot of players wonder if this information is really helpful when Crafting a Build.

I have had Discordant Comet on my mind for 3 years, but back then, after doing some tests, I realized I didn’t know enough to make the Build work well. about a week ago, I read a new post that gave me an idea, and then I had another idea, and then did some testing… after doing some calculations with BWD & DPS.

first, will Discordant Comet do more damage on Gauntlet or Staff? Base Damage for both is 64 & 45. Skill Damage would be 750% (Meteor) vs 1050% (Multishot). after doing the calculations with no damage modifiers, Staff ends up doing 900 more damage than Gauntlet. because the damage is so close, I knew I had to do calculations for DPS with Cool Down.

second, I finally checked CD for Meteor & Multishot. 4 versus 3 seconds. Staff is the winner :checkered_flag: !!!

third, choosing Staff means I have an extra slot for Set Affix, because I would need Spell Sword Set to put Comet/Meteor on Gauntlet. because Multishot has better CD, I didn’t have to do more DPS calculation to see if one Set with damage modifiers on Staff is better or worse than Gauntlet. 900 damage is really close.

as an extra, I did some tests yesterday with Cyclone Mythic & Living Force Set to see how it works with Comet. I actually did a lot of Searching :mag: for a couple of days to get an idea of how Cyclone works, and actually found a video of a Build using it. I decided to go with Twister Proc +50%-100%, but now need to do Living Force Tests with it. Cyclone looks like a difficult Mythic to use, but I can see a bunch of Builds it would be great with. the biggest problem is that it blocks MH attacks. in a few posts I found, Players used OH attacks with Cyclone to good effect.