Golem's Gears: Compare Special Skills Dmg Per Hit

I want to thank @JesusSaves for his post. It lets every one compare the different weapons without having to do a lot of back and forth between Characters trying to figure things out.

Because many players change the Special Skill on their Weapons, I thought I would take a look at that and see what could be learned. I posted part of this in the above post, and have finally put it all together here.

All Weapons are level 100 base items, +25% Item Quality.
Twister is used on all MH Weapons for comparison.
All OH Weapons used the same Skill from each of their own Classes, except for Wizard, which used a Warrior Skill and Wizard Skill for comparison.
All other items are level 1 base items, 0% Item Quality.
Stat Points and Skill Points were all set to Zero.
All Items had Luck or Greed Natures.
Weapons are listed for MH based on High to Low damage done by Twister.
Weapons are listed for OH based on High to Low damage done by the Primary Skills, except for Bomb and Vial, which were listed last alphabetically, as their Primary Skills both do 0 damage.

Wizard: Gauntlet: Blast - 16.2k, Twister - 43.1k, Staff: Comet - 7,687, Twister - 30.8k, Sword: Pierce - 6,562, Twister - 21k, Wand: Barrage - 4,762, Twister - 19k. Skull: Skull Shield - 13.3k, Shatter - 21.4k, Scalp - 17.8k, Bracer: Mana Shield - 8,875, Shatter - 21.4k, Scalp - 17.8k, Tome: Summon - 6,656, Shatter - 21.4k, Scalp - 17.8k, Orb: Teleport - 4,437, Shatter - 21.4k, Scalp 17.8k.

Warrior: Hammer: Smash - 12.6k, Twister - 70.3k, Lance: Charge - 16.4k, Twister - 43.8k, Axe: Cleave - 4,600, Twister - 18.4k, Sword: Flurry - 4,275, Twister - 17.1k. Shield: Bash - 17.8k, Scalp - 17.8k, Hatchet: Toss - 10.5k, Scalp - 21.0k Horn: Sprint - 6,656, Scalp - 17.8k, Totem: Fear - 4,437, Scalp - 17.8k.

Rogue: Chakram: Boomerang - 30.4k, Twister - 40.5k, Bow: Guide Shot - 6,875, Twister - 27.5k, Dagger: Quick Attack - 5,250, Twister - 21.0k, Flintlock: Ricochet - 4,437, Twister - 17.8k. Trap: Lay Trap - 13.3k, Smoke Bomb - 22.2k, Mirror: Swap - 4,437, Smoke Bomb - 22.2k, Bomb: Vault - 0, Smoke Bomb - 22.2k, Vial: Coat Weapon - 0, Smoke Bomb - 22.2k.

For the Hatchet, I didn’t use Amber, as it already had Scalp. It is possible that if I had used Amber anyways, it might do the same damage as it does on the other items. On Wizard OH, I had used Amber on all of them, as I was putting Scalp on all OH Weapons, as Scalp and Twister both do 400% Weapon Damage. When I saw that Scalp was doing the same damage on all Wizard OH, I then switched the OH Special to Shatter, and discovered that Shatter did the same as Scalp, the damage is the same on all OH Weapons. I did Warrior Weapons after the Wizard ones, and then discovered that Scalp was doing the same damage on Warrior Weapons as it was doing on Wizard Weapons, except for the Hatchet, which I didn’t use Amber on. I didn’t put Scalp on the Rogue OH Weapons for comparison, as I was getting low on Amber’s and didn’t want to run out. But as you can see, although I didn’t use Amber on the Bomb, Smoke Bomb does the same damage on all Rogue OH Weapons.

The biggest discovery is that OH Special Skills don’t follow the same rules as MH Special Skills. It looks like they do the same damage on all Weapons that they do on their original Weapon. It is possible that the reason for this is because of Rogue’s Bomb and Vial Primary Skills do 0 damage. MH Weapons have Default Damage, but I don’t think OH Weapons do, or it isn’t shown, so this could be another reason.

Lastly, as for the MH Damage comparisons with Twister, the reason I also listed the Primary Skills damage was for those considering using the Mythic Resource, Discordance, which swaps the Primary and Special Skills of MH Weapon. And before you ask a lot of questions about Discordance, here is a great post on the subject by @CuzegSpiked.

Edit: (A few hours later.) OH Damage Per Hit Mystery Solved!!!
Doing some testing, mathematical gymnastics, thinking, and investigating, I realized that OH Weapons for all Classes have the same Base Weapon Damage, except for Warrior’s Hatchet, which is a little higher. as I was working on the problem, I noticed that OH Skills with the same damage % was the same, from item to item and between classes. if you divide the Damage per Hit by the % number, the result is the same for all OH Weapons, except Hatchet. so if Shatter does 10k damage on Orb, it will do 10k damage on Skull, Horn, or Bomb. take a look at Orb - Teleport, Totem - Fear, and Mirror - Swap. they all do 4,437 damage. for the Hatchet, I wonder if the fact that Toss has +30% chance to cause Bleed, and Scalp is 100% to cause Bleed is the reason Scalp does 3.2k more damage on Hatchet than on any of the other weapons.


The offhand special bit is very interesting :slight_smile:

@dickwad I know! at first I thought that cross class OH Skills were getting penalized somehow, but when I used Shatter, I realized it was something else. and then Scalp on Hatchet had a different damage value! if possible, it would be interesting to hear what @tdaniel and friends think about this discovery.

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Then @Golem there’s a set affix that does more damage to skills adopted from another class. So in theory more?

Identity is the Set I think, but I was referring to how MH Specials change damage based on the Weapon they are placed on. getting weaker on weaker weapons, and stronger on stronger weapons. when you look at it, Twister does less damage when it is on another Wizard Weapon, and Storm does more damage when it is on another Wizard Weapon. and OH Special Skills don’t follow this rule for some reason. Identity is great for when you want to beef up a Skill from another Class more than you can with + All Skills and +10 Skill (Epic) on the Pet.

Edit: all OH weapons except Hatchet have the same Base Weapon Damage. longer explanation given in original post edit.


@Golem I think the mythic dauntless may be good against an enemy who summons in pvp

@dickwad that is an interesting idea. it would be a great Mythic for a Farming Hireling, depending on the build. more survivability and less gold spent reviving the Hireling. a little trickier in PVP. if the Minions have low HP, they die before you can really take advantage of Dauntless, but Players with good PVP Minion Builds would be giving you more defense the more Minions they summon.


Tried it out. It works :slight_smile:

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Interesting observation and I did notice the OH damage having the same base weapon dmg but good post as its helpful.


what about OH with 200WD?

this was base damage, so if you had 2 different OH that did 100% OH for the Primary Skill, and they both had +200% WD, they would still do the same damage. Hatchet was the only OH that has a different base damage than other OH Weapons, and it is a little higher. Teleport on Orb and Fear on Totem for example.

I just looked at Warrior Shield, and Bash does 400% OH DMG, same as Scalp. they do the same amount of base damage (17.8k).