Good Or Nah? pvp and farming im at floor 1100


Screenshot_2019-04-02-19-20-36-1 Screenshot_2019-04-02-19-20-42-1 Screenshot_2019-04-02-19-20-45-1 Screenshot_2019-04-02-19-20-51-1

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if you don’t have Greed or Luck Natures, or any Points in Fortune Skill, then this is a Climbing or PVP Build, not a Farm Build.

the only Affix on your equipment that doesn’t work in PVP is Ignore Resist. you would have to take it to the Battle Arena and see how it does first to get an idea of if it is worth using in PVP or if you have to Craft a different PVP Build.

I had a Farm Build that got me up into Eternal League, but only got as far as Division 5. still working on something to get to Division 4 & higher, and to Farm Chests when I am off line.

welcome back to the DQ Forums @KeriTo!

Crystals r now working on pets? I mean, Legendary Jester don’t have a set affix?


@LuiiS as of Patch 3.0, we can now use Calcite, Angelite, Quartz, Diamond, Larimar, Kyanite, Sapphire, Fluorite, & Topaz. it costs 5 Crystals. so if it takes 5 attempts to change your Pets Element from Poison to Fire, that will cost you 25 Calcite.

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