Golem's Beginners Farm Build Advice

Read the Codex. if you don’t know what cool stuff to farm for, you wont make a farm build to get it.

New Players are stuck with low tier Crystals & Myth Stones, and random items. the 2 most important Crystals for New Players is Angelite: give 1 random Normal (Yellow) or Epic (Orange) affix, and Kyanite (remove one affix of your choice. works on Normal, Epic, Legend, and Set affixes). Calcite is good for changing your items Elements when needed, but with Angelite & Kyanite, you can make a set of Equipment that doesn’t need to change Elements, so you can use an Element you like all the time.

when using Angelite to put affixes on Equipment, the sixth affix will always be Epic, so if you have 6 random Epic & Normal affixes on an item, if you take one normal affix off at a time and use Angelite to put an affix back on, it will automatically be Epic.

for the Beginners Farm Build, you put an Epic Luck and Gold Find on each item. if you have a Pet, you put those on the Pet also. when you get Hero Points, get your Fortune Skill up to 20. also, if you can, find items with Luck or Greed (Gold Find) Natures, 3 of each. doing this will get you to +650% Cap for Luck & Gold Find on Very Easy Difficulty. Very Easy Difficulty is the easiest Difficulty to kill monsters, which is good since so much space is taken up for farming. three or four affixes of Elemental Weaken is the affix you need so you don’t have to keep using Calcite and you can keep the Element you like to use.

any spaces left over can be any affix you want, which is a good way to discover what other affix do.

when you find Legend items, you can do the same thing. some Legend items have an affix called Fortune, it can raise your Fortune Skill up to 40, so you only need 1 item each with Luck & Greed, giving you the chance to use other Natures to improve your Equipment.

items with Sockets can have Myth Stones placed in them. affix values are based on the items level, so low level items will have lower values than higher level items. Myth Stones are like an affix with max values no matter what level the item is.

going to higher difficulty levels means you need less space for the Luck & Gold Find, but the monsters are harder to kill and they do more damage to you, so it is a trade off. better to learn the game and farm Very Easy for better equipment before playing on higher difficulty levels.

Pets cost 5 Crystals to use affixes on them. if it takes 5 attempts to change your Pets Element from Poison to Shock, it will cost you 25 Calcite.


Thanks guide even if you active. @Golem


I realized after I posted this that I should have tested the Build first. so last night I tested it.

the Luck & Gold Find isn’t maxed on the Pet yet, so I am not at Cap, but basically I have max Luck & Gold Find, and +120% Elemental Weaken. the Class I am using is Wizard, and I decided to focus DMG on MH, so I have 40 Points in Twister, high Cool Down, +40% Crit Chance & +300%+ Crit DMG, +100% WD%, and 2x +20% ED%.

since I have a Level 99 Wizard with all 6 Perks, I have an advantage over Beginners. but if a Beginner wants to go for high Luck & Gold Find early in the game, this is a cheap way of doing it. I will admit I spent enough Angelite & Kyanite to get 3-4 Ultra Rare Crystals from finishing the Spend Crystals Feat, but it was worth it.

I was on Floor 110 when I switched to Very Easy Difficulty, and 1 hit everything. then went to Floor 200, same. worked my way up to 208, killed a Legend monster in 1-2 seconds, then went to sleep. :sleepy: :sleeping_bed:. I am going to work my way up to 500 and see how I do up there. the down side of this build is I only have +20% Dodge for defense, so I have to kill monsters and move around so they don’t kill me first.

the foundation of this Build can be used for any Class and Weapon combination, and you can use any affix you want after you put the Gold Find & Luck on your Equipment, so it is easy to make a Build for any play style. also, if you use this to farm before you start making use of Legend items, you will learn a lot and save yourself a lot of time and effort when you start Crafting your mid and late game Builds.


I noticed that imp doesn’t care of luck,it’s good if u want legends items

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haha, that is true! I used an Imp for a long time when I was a Noob, but my Gold Find was more like Gold Lost!!!

the Imp just converts 5 items of one Tier to 1 item of the next Tier. when I had pick up set on Legend+, I was getting lots of Legends, and converting them to Dust (after Patch 3.0), but didn’t have any understanding of a Farm Build, so was always running out of Gold.

Luck can be important when using an Imp. Luck improves your chance of finding higher Tier items, so the Imp isn’t starting with Normal & Magic items all the time, but mostly Rare items, speeding up the process of getting you your Legend items.


Imps are cool for getting more eternal and legend items but once you unlock your codex they are of less use. @Golem nice guide pal.


the Beginners Farm Build does ok up Floors 250ish on Very Easy. then I skipped up to 520, and it still kills monsters easily, but dies a lot because of very low defense. this is what it looks like. all affixes are Epic.

All Items are +25% Item Quality from Emerald Crystals. Beginners shouldn’t do this unless you plan on using these items until you are ready for better items. Items found as loot usually have IQ of -10% to +10%. I have found items of +/- 8% so far. The items you start with are IQ 0%.

I don’t have Elemental Crit, so I am just now thinking of changing the Weapon Elements to Shock for a bigger DMG boost than I get with Arcane. Elemental Crit lets your Elements do extra things. Arcane - Orbit (Magical Orb that spins around your Character doing +100% Arcane DMG), Poison - Toxic (Poison Cloud that does 400% of Poison DoT a second for 5 seconds), Shock - Paralyze (Stuns for 4 seconds), Fire - Immolate (100% Fire DMG a second for 4 seconds), Ice - Freeze (Causes enemies to be Frozen (not the Set) for 3 seconds).

Epic Staff: +30% Weaken, +75% Crit DMG, +100% WD%, +2 EAC, +75% Gold Find, +75% Luck.
Epic Orb: +75% Gold Find, +75% Luck, +20% Arcane DMG, +15% Crit Chance, +2 EAC, +30% Weaken.
Epic Robe: +15% Reduced CD. +75% Luck, +30% Weaken, +15% Crit Chance, +75% Gold Find, +250 MP on Hit.
Epic Hat: +75% Gold Find, +7500 HP, +75% Luck, +75% Crit DMG, +10 Twister, +15% Reduced CD.
Epic Ring: +7500 MP, +10 Twister, +75% Crit DMG, +75% Luck, +75% Gold Find, +10 Magnify (makes my Twister bigger, but maybe I should switch it to Dodge instead?).
Epic Amulet: +20% Arcane DMG, +75% Crit DMG, +500 MP Regen, +75% Gold Find, +75% Luck, +500 HP Regen.
Epic Hound: +54.8% Crit DMG, +9.8% Reduced CD, +171 MP on Hit, +27.8% Weaken, +62% Luck, +64.3% Gold Find. (It will cost too many Crystals to max out the affixes on a Pet, so I’ll just wait until I get enough Save Enslaved Pets Feats to max them out.)

Power: 103 Health: 5 Mana: 5.
Comet - 10 DPS 821.9k
Twister - 40 DPS 5.19m (this is my main monster slayer skill)
Teleport - 5 DPS 1.07m
Shatter - 10 DPS 769.2k
Strength - 7, Dexterity - 20, Intelligence - 7, Fortune - 20.
Talents: Sorcery 20, Amplify 20, Magnify 20, Prismatic 20.
Defense: Dodge +20%, Armor 5000, All Resist 366. (low defense is why I am dying a lot at floor 520).

I used Angelite, Kyanite, and Fluorite to put Epic affixes on my items and get them to max values. low Item Quality can make it harder to get max values. the level of an item also affects how high the affix values can go, up to max.

as you get to higher floors, you can find better Crystals. Emeralds can increase your Item Quality, up to +25%, Peridot can increase your items level, up to twice your Character level, but up to max item level 100 or floor you have reached, which ever is lowest, so you don’t have to keep making new items. Beryl can change your items Nature, so you don’t have to keep looking for the right Item with the Nature you want from random loot. Citrine can change the Talent on your Chest, Head, Ring, or Neck items, no more getting stuck with a Talent you don’t want. Amber changes the Special Skill on your MH & OH Weapons. that is how I got Twister on my Staff instead of Meteor.


kind of an update for the Epic Build I have been using. because the defense for it is bad, I just use it on Challenge maps of floor 200 on Very Easy. I could probably go up a few Difficulty Levels, but I just want to mostly use this for getting Gold and Items.

players don’t usually remain Beginners, which is why I have made some changes in the Build.

the biggest is that I am using Obsidian to put 3x Luck & 3x Gold find on the Gears. this will allow me to put 6 Fortune Myth Stones on my Gears, and open up 2 spaces for Epic affixes on my Pet, and I will be changing all my Natures to Elements for more DMG. I am also taking the 20 Skill Points out of Fortune and placing them in other Skills. Strength gets only 4 Points now, Intelligence goes up to 20, and that leaves a few extra Points for Comet, Shatter, and Teleport. wait, I switched from Orb to Bracer after I wrote the previous post, so I have a bunch of slots to beef up Manashield, so my Talents changed also. but I am thinking of going back to Orb for Teleport. this would open up about 8 slots for different affixes, so I might get better defense instead with Dodge.

I have 3x Crystal Luck now, so I have 3 Elements Natures and +100% Item Drop. my loot drops are doing a lot better.

although I made this Build mostly for fun, it is still a learning experience. for Beginners who are becoming Veteran Players, Builds like this are a good way to learn the basics of Crafting Builds, since for the most part, you are using the cheaper Crystals, and the knowledge you gain can help you refrain from making too many mistakes with the more valuable Crystals later.


Kindly read this @ShadowDragon advice farming build of @Golem 's.


haha. so I got 3 Crystal Luck on the Build now, but then ended up getting 2x Crystal Weaken, and ended up with +300% Weaken! I can’t really get rid of the Epic Weaken, since I plan on getting rid of the Crystal ones and replacing them with Gold Find.

on the other hand, I am kind of getting bored farming Very Easy with a basically Epic Affix Farm Build that doesn’t like going over floor 200ish, and have been considering using a bunch of Crystals & Dust to make another Farm Build for M3 floor 500ish.


The Next Step For A Beginners Farm Build:

I used the Epic Farm Build I made for about 3-4 months, and eventually got bored with it. it was made to Farm on Very Easy Difficulty with maximum Luck & Gold Find. because it only has Epic Affixes, it has a harder time on higher difficulty levels. the good thing about going to higher difficulty levels is that you need less Gold Find & Luck for max, giving more room for either defense, more DMG, or both. another good thing is that Epic Affixes are easy & cheap to add on an Epic Build. this saves on loot you are saving for your next better Farm Build. if you don’t want this Build For Farming, you just use Epic Affixes that are for Defense, DMG, and DPS.

a few weeks ago, I decided to make a new Farm Build. I guess you could say it would be the next step in Farm Builds for Beginners. instead of using Epic items with only Epic Affixes, we now use Legend Items. all Legend Items have at least one Legend Affix, and most of them have Set Affixes. a Farm Build using Legend Items can do better at higher difficulty levels than just using Epic Items. some of these Legend Items are actually for making a Farm Build, so that can be very helpful.

what I decided to do was get 6 Legend Items and a Legend Pet, and go from there. I changed many of the affixes, so I only have Set, Legend, & Epic Affixes. I added one Mythic Affix (Equivalence) and a few Myth Stones I got from farming or converting. my goal is to add Crystal Affixes when I get Obsidian Crystals. of course, since this is a Farm Build, it needs a Crystal Gold Find & Luck. with the farming I have been doing with this new Build, my first Crystal was Gold Find, second was Weaken, and yesterday, I finally got Luck. I spent 4 Obsidian trying to get Crystal Block on my OH, but they were all fails. another goal was to get +100% Item Drop on my Farm Build. I got +50% from Fortune Skill, and a few days ago, I got +50% Legend Item Drop, so I now have my Farm Build. now I just need three more Crystal Affixes. right now, this Build is farming Floor 520 M3 and doing very well. there are some Map Affixes that cause me to die 3-7 times before clearing the Map, but most Maps I can finish them with 0-3 deaths, so no spending tons of gold to survive clearing the map.

the reason I say this is the next step for a Farm Build is that I am not using any Farming Set Affixes, like Nadroji or Eternalized. my biggest goal was to go from farming Very Easy, or lower difficulty levels, to farming M3, or higher difficulty levels.

my Sets are Demonic (Pet - Hell Slime), Defiant, Pathfinder, Arcanist, Ascendant, Equality, and Epiphany. this is also the Build that I am using +75% Clearcast on and the Master Elementalist. Pathfinder & Arcanist were added later, so are not the original Set Affixes that came on the Items I got. Jasper is the Crystal needed to change an item from one Class to anther. you would need to do this if you wanted a Set affix or Item from another Class changed to the Class you are using. my OH Weapon is from Rogue, because it has the Legend Execute Affix. Amethyst is the Crystal needed to add a Set Affix to an item. since you can only have one Set Affix on any item, you would have to remove any Set affix that is already on an item.

when I get my last 3 Crystal Affixes, I’ll add it to this Thread.

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good build but not for farming

Luck +850%, Item Drop +100%, and Gold Find +837%ish, so I consider this a Basic Farm Build. as soon as I can get my Dodge up to +60% or higher, dying wont be as much as a problem as it is right now, and my DMG & DPS can go up also. plus, I am only using it on floor 520 M3, so it isn’t like I need lots of killing power. just enough to kill Epic+ monsters fast enough to get the extra loot. it’s just getting the next 3 Crystal Affixes that is driving me nuts until I get them.

the reason I am not using Nadroji, Eternalized, Mythic, or Crystalline, is because I felt I needed to go back to basics before Crafting a more complicated Farm Build again.


Save Your Games!

I hadn’t saved my game in about 2 weeks, and when I was saving it yesterday, a situation happened that caused me to lose ~20-30 hours of game play. so now I have to do all the work again to put Crystal Luck & Dodge back on, +50% Item Drop, and move my Elemental Crit DMG from my Ring to my Chest again. very frustrating. :unamused: x :100:

and it wont be retrievable because I was forced to download from my previous save point. so no advice on that. :slightly_smiling_face:

for beginners, if you don’t save your games when you are online, if something happens and you lose all the hard work you put into your Characters, you will be heartbroken! :broken_heart:


Lol save your games. Best advice ever. Seriously if you don’t save your progress then you will cry a river :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


i havent save my progress for 5 months nah oh i must now

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well, I have put in a bunch of hours to get back to where I was, and I got my Crystal Luck back, and added a Crystal Crit DMG. I also have a Crystal Deadly Strike, but I need other Crystal affixes than that one, so I will have to get another item later when I get a few Obsidian.

about having an extra Map. since I tend to forget to get a Map of the floor I am on before logging out when I am tired or in a hurry, I am going to have 2 Maps for floor 505 M3 so I don’t waste time getting back when I don’t have a map. kind of like having a spare set of keys for when you misplace your key chain.

having Deadly Strike let me see Billion DMG for the first time in a long time. it made me wonder I could make an Epic Affix Build that could get to a Billion DMG. when I get my Farm Build affixes taken care of, that will be my next project.


I’m farming to retweak my p vp characters. But am keeping the old equipment to fall back on.


haha, until you know the new Builds work, you have the Builds that you know will work for backup.

on another note, I decided to take Clearcast off of my Farm Build and add Cool Down over Cap, Crit Chance, and Dodge over Cap to make use of Epiphany. my Twister is tearing up monsters, but I still have trouble with ranged enemies & some Map and monster affixes. on the plus side, my loot drops are the best I have ever had, and this has make me happy enough that I have started to consider my Rogue & Warrior Farm Team again. and I have been moving up the Legend’s Found Leader Board again, so lots of feeling good going on! :joy_cat:

the Gold Find & Luck aren’t maxed out, but they are both over +200%. since I have the Enshrined Perk, I can have them maxed every 3 Maps on average when I find the Green Treasure Shrine. the other reason I haven’t maxed them out is because the items they are on both have ED% at +100%, and I consider the better DMG more important than having maxed GF & Luck. for beginners who are improving your Farm Builds, these kinds of choices will come your way. this is because Legend & Crystal affixes can only be improved with Diamond Crystals, which reroll all affixes values on an item, not one affix value at a time.

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With diamonds I found rerolling a major problem when you have more affixes. Start with one rerollable Crystal affix then add others after. Otherwise you get less than perfect legend and Crystal affixes. Sets and mythic and epic affixes are not a problem.

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