Green Garden Build revealed

Why Rockblast on MH? Also why wand does it have a higher raw damage compared to the other weapons?

Do you have a video showcasing this build? :smiley:

The wand is the weapon that he had with ED. He converted the Mutiny flintlock to the wand.
Gauntlet actually has the highest raw damage for wizard.

I see thank you. are there Gauntlets that have ED legend affix?
also why Rockblast? does it replace the MH skill?

Yes, Mutiny also comes in Gauntlet version (batteries not included).
Rock Blast has a chance to activate on attack. It’s just the Mythic skill that cronos chose for his weapon. Personally, I’d have picked Cosmic Orb.

Are all the mythic skills on MH activate? Is there are more detailed info on those MH mythic skills besides the ones on the wiki page.

They all have a chance to activate on attack.
You can find a list of affixes with minimal description here: Skaul's Hierarchy of Tips and Tricks [SHTT] [2.5]
These are the damages they do:
Cyclone - 300% MH
Bombard - 250% MH
CosmicOrb - 300% MH
RockBlast - 200% MH
Earthquake - 300% MH
Arc - 350% MH
Apocalypse - 300% MH
Vanish - 100% OH
Nova - 250% OH
Enigma - 250% OH

Hi Skaul,

I just want to ask, i downloaded the excel file with the legendex from your guide (Skaul’s Hierarchy of Tips and Tricks [SHTT] []) and i saw that Nadjori’s Robe had a Nadjori bonus Affix which is a negative affix(cannot be removed by crytals) but in this green garden guide i don’t see the negative affix. how did he remove it? i am currently hunting gears to come up with this build but i cannot figure out how Chronos crafted that Nadroji’s robe. please enlighten me.

Thank you and more power!

The bonus affix on Nadroji gear is a new feature added in 2.1. The Nadroji pieces dropped before did not have such an affix.

An alternative to nadrojis robe is get Aether Wrap.

aether wrap is just as good as the olden days nadroji robe. Simply find an aether robe at floor 400+ on very easy mode or higher difficulty. Once done, remove all the affixes EXCEPT 100% ED .

Why get a Mythic skill at all, if all the damage comes from poison cloud?

Any update to this build? Or have you moved past it?

Also, since this uses equivalence, better to use +10k HP than +5k MP, right?

What else would you suggest other than a huge damage boost from a mythic skill?

I guess that was my question, though - does it provide a damage boost? Is the poison cloud damage dependent on the initial attack (skull shield vs. rockblast), or not? Since most of the damage comes from the clouds, not the attack, if the underlying attack is unimportant for calculating cloud damage then just about anything would be better - blight (is it rollable?), HP/MP, regen, etc.

Does this work for pvp? With new patch?

This was NEVER a pvp build.

Poison clouds are the main damage but with mythic skills, more enemies can be affected as well as free dmg boost (for eg: 350% mh dmg from cosmic orb). That dmg boost contributes to the multiplying of the poison cloud along with the high regen, plagued and druidic.

Also by cronos’ intention, more enemies affected, more damage and dmg multiplication from poison cloud because of plagued, druidic and good radius attacks. Mythics can definitely help. Sanctuary to make sure you’re not OHKO’ed (one hit killed).

sir cronos how you het defiant and poison dmg 100% and all green affix lvl 5 help me please thanks

On this build Nadroji’s Robe doesn’t have the Nadroji’s Set Bonus. Is there a way to remove a set bonus from an item?

Or do you just have to use a Quartz and hope for the best?

It is a pre-patch item. There is no way to remove it at this point, and since the bonus is above the elemental damage, quartz won’t work. Instead you need the wizard-only robe that drops at 400+


Super helpful replay @HarleyM :smile: