Green Garden Build revealed

But only u get in topaz are 50℅ not 100 Iknow that

Oh the 100% poisons? You can’t get that from ruby, you have to get the base item with elemental damage already on it, then reroll.

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I want to know how he get 100℅ help…pls

WTH…need to find that? In item helll

It doesn’t have to be poison. Just any item on that slot that has elemental damage %. You can then reroll it for 100% poison.

Yep. You have to find the item.

so u use over hundred ruby and u dont know about legend affix +%ED, just use ruby, u will get it :wink:


Yup sir may option in farm are 650 in gold find and 500% in luck that’s my main… I want to build like urs

I think ur item can defeat 200-1500 floor…that’s I want I always die in floor 200-250 …:slight_smile: sorry

I can find mysthic easy because of my option but I can stay in floor because I always die…shiit

thanks for @cronos4321 build and master of evasion thing build :slight_smile: I now dominate the challenge maps haha

Ignore resists?

the total reduce damage, depends on which map you are on.

Why Rockblast on MH? Also why wand does it have a higher raw damage compared to the other weapons?

Do you have a video showcasing this build? :smiley:

The wand is the weapon that he had with ED. He converted the Mutiny flintlock to the wand.
Gauntlet actually has the highest raw damage for wizard.

I see thank you. are there Gauntlets that have ED legend affix?
also why Rockblast? does it replace the MH skill?

Yes, Mutiny also comes in Gauntlet version (batteries not included).
Rock Blast has a chance to activate on attack. It’s just the Mythic skill that cronos chose for his weapon. Personally, I’d have picked Cosmic Orb.

Are all the mythic skills on MH activate? Is there are more detailed info on those MH mythic skills besides the ones on the wiki page.

They all have a chance to activate on attack.
You can find a list of affixes with minimal description here: Skaul's Hierarchy of Tips and Tricks [SHTT] [2.5]
These are the damages they do:
Cyclone - 300% MH
Bombard - 250% MH
CosmicOrb - 300% MH
RockBlast - 200% MH
Earthquake - 300% MH
Arc - 350% MH
Apocalypse - 300% MH
Vanish - 100% OH
Nova - 250% OH
Enigma - 250% OH

Hi Skaul,

I just want to ask, i downloaded the excel file with the legendex from your guide (Skaul’s Hierarchy of Tips and Tricks [SHTT] []) and i saw that Nadjori’s Robe had a Nadjori bonus Affix which is a negative affix(cannot be removed by crytals) but in this green garden guide i don’t see the negative affix. how did he remove it? i am currently hunting gears to come up with this build but i cannot figure out how Chronos crafted that Nadroji’s robe. please enlighten me.

Thank you and more power!