Green Garden Build revealed

here as i said before, the build that deal insane damage. try study it, u will understand, NOTE: this build still do billion damage, yet it have much more potential. try not put attack speed crystal affix, u can replace with dodge or else since main damage is dot and oT unaffected by attack speed. try maxing blight at 600% u can. and anywqy +5000 ED is must in every piece also 300% ED.

This new build i crate. yet still under develop so yeah until i fully complete it i will release the full build. the name is LOHKO= Lucky One HiT K.O. as u can see, that is single shot of Guidedshot. in 1 sec it deal 65k+ damage.


here some more information for understanding GreenGarden Build much more easier.

1.Poison DoT deal 80% of poison damage as a DoT.
2.Poison Cloud Deal 400% of Poison Dot withis mean 80% poison DoT ×4 (320% Poison DoT) = Poison Cloud 100% power.
3.blight increase 100% at max per affix. blight increase poison cloud damage mean it 100% equal to another 400% poison DoT. having 200% blight equal to 800% Poison DoT power
4.Druidic set Total regen /4000 as multiplying poison DoT.
5.Plagued Multiplying Poison Cloud damage as more effected enemy by 125% at rank 5 per effected.

[+5000ED×6 = 30000ED]
[30000ED +300%ED = 120000ED]
[120000ED÷100 = 1200 ×80% = 96000 Poison DoT]
This part is where Druidic Take effect. example total regen Hp/Mp is 40K.
[40000/4000 = 10]
[96000Poison DoT × 10 = 960000 Poison DoT]
This is where blight count in. as i and u know poison cloud basic already deal 400% poison Dot.
[100% Poison Cloud (Base) + 200% blight = 300%]
[300%poison cloud=/=1200%Poison DoT]
[960000Poison DoT × 1200% = 11520000Poison DoT=/=Poison Cloud.]
This is where PLAGUED set start counting.
Since my standard attack deal VERY low damage it barely take 1% Monster Hp. And Thank to new implenment the one slowing down Poison Cloud attack. it help me actually. giving me more time before poison cloud kicking mean giving me more time stacking them all. let say before poison cloud kicking i got 20 enemy effected. and remember at rank 5, plagued multiplying 125% poison cloud damage.
[125% × 20 monster effected = 2500% Poison Cloud multiplying]
[11520000poison Cloud damage ×2500% (at 20 effected monster) = 288000000Poison Cloud Damage]

**This is just the basic. not counted when it crit. being effective. pure damage buff from supportive Set like advanture, Equality, Defiant and other too like momentum, blood magic, zealotry,


How did you set your hero points?

2/3 in mana 1/3 power

Hero points on the hero menu where you have fortune health skills etc…

20 in Mp and hp thing. the rest is on skill that i use… but for much more understanding only that 2 thing is important since effect from regen = buff druidic effect much more.

wow great build :blush:
still waiting for the discordance blinkstrike guide though :grinning:

finally. ty for sharing

i keep my word lol. and yes it still deal billion

Crystal affix
Attack speed
Crit chance
crit damage
+Mp per hit


If u are wizard chance momentum for iceburn and use manasheild (if u understand that effect, u will understand why lol)

If u originally rogue get talent the one do crit beyond cap

if u are warrior try use some defendsive talent.

blinkstrike discordance are mean to attack without being attacked. withis mean u need OH special as sneak and have mythic skill vanish. max the output on MH and the rest affix can be used 50-50 for survivebility and damage buff.

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Why “equivalence” ? why “equality” ? why “adventurer” ?

Except that, it’s the same combo than any rogue now except it’s not fire but poison, “CritED% + ED% + ED+”

Dieter Equality+Equivalent = add +HP/MP Affix = increase regen (effect from equality) also = equivalent reduce resources and damage taken by 50% of current equility= at both hp/mp 100% it work at the best. and why advanture, simple my regular attack are extremely weak so whatever mh or oh i use doest metter. all i need is attack= chance to spawn my poison cloud. stand still mean dead. since im using this build that mean to kill atleast 30-40 at once. i need to keep moving and still need to attack. so the best to use is skullsheild. active it and it attack on it own. while running, skullsheild attack and kill, gold drop, collect +M.speed = more mobility = more faster = more effected monster in short time as far as i can travel at the time = alot effected = when reach at carto. single attack and poison cloud kicking. insta kill. as for now im play at M3 floor 700, carto still cant survive more than 2 sec. and reducing damage from equivalent + skullsheild buff as it also reduce damage taken. and used OH special i ember to warrior sheild special reduce 40% damage. allow me to take 9 direct attack from monster before my sentuary kicking to save me lol. idk actually at what floor i suppose to get 1 shotted as i leak high floor experience.

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This build is useable for all class, also this build shape is like rasengan (naruto lol) it just basic, withis mean u can add or change some part as u like, but still the basic still need to be there. like i say in main thread this build have lot more potential. all ppl need is creativity on how to develop it to next lvl. " rasen shuriken.?" lol

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It’s a pretty solid build. Solid regen overall makes exponential growth of poison clouds.

This alone is a testament that other elements need more support in regards to damage multiplying sets.

So it’s a pve build, because I don’t get the point of using adventurer in pvp, also equality + equivalent is imo useless in that build, i mean you could use these slots to be more optimal, but it’s my opinion :slight_smile:

Excuse me, I see the blight% changed to orange color in STATS when exceed 200%. Does it mean that the cap of blight is 200%?

nope, i think orange colour just mean it is at good amount. some orange shown as it reach cap like crit chance crit damage eth. some show it in orange colour as it is good amount like regen element crit damage resist eth

What are your special attacks? Are you using time warp?

There is no cap for blight. It’s a small bug, that it turns to orange.

nope there are no needed special attack for this build. u need EXTREMELY HIGH ED AMD ED% also REGEN and have nice amount of ED crit chance. u are good to go. poison cloud is main source of damage