Green Garden Build revealed


How did u get 5000 poison dmg on every item ?


A whole lot of rerolls, that’s how. Well, it’s simply the perfect roll for Elemental Damage + using topaz.



Diamond usually rerolls crystal and legend affix after getting what you want you can reroll the epic affix individually by fluorite. It is easy for max epic affix. Get the quality of the item to 25 via emerald and the Item lvl via to 100 via peridot for easier rerolling of affixes


How can I make this set on my rouge? Should I go for bow hmmm


Pertaining to this:

Why is it that when do I a re-roll using: (The crystal that re roll specific affixes) I don’t get the affix that I want, it keeps giving me the same type ones?


Fluorite is use for rerolling the affix value.

I think your thinking of Sapphire it rerolls the affix to another affix.
What affix are you looking for?
But usually that is the case because we have a lot of epic affixes and just get 1 option after using sapphire.
It usually takes a lot of sapphire to find what specific affix.

Remember you can’t stack same affixes.
Like 2 epic luck affix.
Or if your weapon has a Legend ED% and your trying to get epic ED%


Excuse me, I have two question about this build.

  1. I saw the formula of DPS= (((BWD*(1+WD%)(1+WIQ))+WD)(1+ED%))+ED)*AS
    If I change “+5000 poison dmg+” to “+20% poision dmg%” on symmetry & stone of nadroji & amulet will increase the damage?

2.Do “+100% poison dmg%” & “+5000 poison dmg+” & “+5000 weapon dmg+” on OH also apply to MH damage?

Thanks for your sharing of this build!!


WD only on that item withis MH or OH… 20% ED is boost while +5000ED is base before boost.

let say u have +5000 ED + 20% = 6000
while +5000 ED + 5000 = 10000


How to get Sanctuary amulet and those purple items?


u need to craft that mythic


How do craft such things? And i’m at wave 357 now do all required items drop there?


nope 3 of them are just rare lagend (unknown location) the rest u can craft as usual u do.


Unknown means any wave correct ?


yep. u can get it with help of nadroji i guess or pure luck


What causing you to get poison cloud? I thought it came from toxic but I didn’t see that on the gear listed


He has Legend Elemental Critical in his Helm
And I think wizardry talent also has elem crit chance


yep correct. :arrow_upper_left:(^▽^):arrow_upper_right:


u need to craft that mythic


what mythic skill u talking about.? i mean u want me to slot in this build .


How Equivalence works ?
I read it in the guide but I dont really understand

Equivalence = Averages your total HP and MP to the same value. Reduces DMG taken and resource cost by 60% of your current HP/MP equality %

HP/MP Equality % ===> Anyone can explain this for me ? For example ?