Green Garden Build revealed


by using Equivalence, your HP/MP became the same value in the beginning, thus HP/MP Equality % is 100%.
The damage taken and resource cost reduction then became 60% of 100% = 60%

Notice that Equivalence working on current HP/MP Equality %, means it’s always change (e.g. taking damage, etc).


@cronos4321 can you get +100% elem dmg from rubies, or only from drops?


only from drop.


You get it from nadroji body,insolence and mutiny.
@cronos4321 what’s your highest hit?


With Full GreenGarden (Hidden Build) After all change (Poison Cloud Having CD and such thing) last time i see is 36.52Trillion. why.? u make this build? it been so long for not use full greengarden build lol. Farming mode.


Just wanted to know your damg.


greengarden dont have damage limitation. More monster = more effected = more time = more damage.


GreenGarden only regular build in normal map. but in map have pack size affix greengarden is beast/god. this make the greengarden is the best choice for me to farming. using rogue with full dps. it only hit few with arrow and exposed to great danger due to so many monster. while greengarden AoE damage can take all, expecially with skull oh. it can attack in 2 direction and that alone can tag serounding monster with poison mean more effected. Plagued multiplying. kick. lol


Do you think blistering is good at clearing giant groups or just high single damg since it doesn’t increase damg over time.


Can Vanish and Harmony be good in this build?
Why do you have Weapon DMG on offhand, does it affect on endDMG?


because i use skull. just active and run. skull attack. the damage +5000 is just to support hit lol


@cronos4321 how do you have your AI configured for this? Assuming this is the one you run with your Fortune bringer


just set primary attack at not use at all, special also not use at all. the only set to attack is skullsheld and sheild wall at often use at max range. and set it to follow me at 1 yards. Greengarden build kill monster with blight. skullsheild will always attack monster serounding him. and eventually die when i stack all of them with fortune Bringer taunt.


So is there a reason for spell sword? If not using it?


for greengarden spellsword increase total mp. equivalent will average them and equality will add % regen by amount of hp/mp equivalent and regen increase poison dot damage via druidic and druidic damage get multiplying via poison cloud/plagued +blight. epic Trillion damage.


Just this guide has inspired me to try and make my build more damaging in terms of elemental dmg like 5000+ poison dmg, plagued and more…

After some time, it will be a long grind to get the rare legends and craft green garden. I already see how beastly it is.

Also after seeing this build, it made me think posion is the most powerful element. Is it true. Before I used to think shock was the most powerful.


Old picture (Open beta Patch/befote fix and CD implanted on poison cloud)
GreenGarden Glory day. Now greengarden cant pull that long number lol. but still can reach 3-5 number in B. but rare tho. lol Godlike build.

Highest ever crit ingame? (/w screenshots)

Woaah!!! WTF!! Seems overpowered but thats good I guess if you want to go on forever. What is your highest floor? Also, im curious to see how thr leaderboard people get millions or billions of hp. I wonder how they do it? I think aftermath could be ok if I have shatter on the mutiny skull of green garden or keep skulldraga? What are those skills on the picture you posted to me? I think only skull or wand is the weapon for green garden. My favourite weapon is a staff and offhand is orb. Im the fast going person in pve which is why I find aftermath fun. Im only just discovering more potential of this game. Recently, I started applying more elemental criticals to deal more dmg.


that a taunt OH special of warrior and SwordThrow MH special of warrior.

The billion hp on leaderboard cant be trusted lol. most of them cheat.


I figured… It seems impossible to get a billion hp anyway let alone a 1 million hp. Can i use orb and staff in this build? Do i really need adventurer for the build. Is there alternative set affixes I could use. Just asking questions before I make my own. As you said, you can add to the build as long as it has the basic shape. If it was possible, could aftermath work? I probably wouldn’t need meteor proc but I can use shatter then meteor and I think result will be good.

How long did it take to grind for this build for you?