Green Garden Build revealed

roll up and read the basic back. see what affix is core and what item can only use for it…

*This is guide, it just a guide. u need to test all thing to fit it in your build and your playstyle.

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I see, anyway, I already know that aftermath will be too slow for the build but I will test the build eventually. Thanks for answering questions and I will read basics more. So much grinding its crazy.
It feels like a really long grind :pensive: Also the reason why I took longer building aftermath build than usual is because I never had time to play dungeon quest until recently. Also I chilled at lower floors playing legend maps every 5 floors until floor 200.

Hi, I have one question.

For Mythics- Equivalence, HP/MP average is at the end of the game mechanic formula?

I am thinking with ‘+ total MP’, the total MP value will be affected by ‘Cosmic Power’ & ‘Spell Sword’.

Replace it with same ‘+ total HP’, it will be less effective than ‘+ total MP’?

Sorry my poor English.

Yep Equivalent is last after Multiplying Hp/Mp but it will be second last in reducing/Deduction formula…

If u use spellsword, Plagued, vampiric, styr spirit, faun gift, cosmic power whatsoever affix to multiply your hp/mp. right after that if u use equivalent mythic. it will averaging your Hp/Mp.

and for reducing /deduction. let say after multiplying your hp/mp and averaging with equivalent mythic u have 300k Hp/Mp. If u have 50% glasscannon and [20] empower talent. it will make your Hp 1 and your mp 300k.

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Thanks for the explanation! I learned something today :smile:

Does1 HP and 300k MP makes the Equivalent mythics useless since your HP/MP has a very high difference? I’m currently using quivalent on my wiz and got same value of HP/MP, then I change one of my item’s nature to Empower 20. My Damages went up but I cant really figure out if the other effects of Equivalence still working good.

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I think the empower formula is added after equivalent. Crono senpai answer my question just above :smile:

Yup, the value of your MP will not change even after adding Empower or Glasscannon. But what I’m worried about is the other effect “Reduces DMG taken and resource cost by 60% of your current HP/MP equality %”. They are now far for being equal and the reduced dmg and resource cause effect may give you a very less value because of this. That’s what I’m wondering.

Ah, now i know what you asked. I also dont know the answer. For the best effect, we hope it is calculated after equivalent but before empower/glasscannon though :smiley: Hope someone can enlighten us.

Which would you drop if you were to use defiant?

what thing to drop lol.?

Oh the the list you have posted for the rogue build a few posts down :grinning:

Quote that.

which set to take out for defiant?

oh that, u can take out rage.

Ok I was debating what you posted vs another dagger build that was using cosmic orb dagger and nova offhand

Hmm how easy would be to move the GG build to warrior? And what weapon set up would you run? Granted wizard is simple with skull shield

I think give up the overload is much better

Hi I ask. How u get poison dmg in Ruby I take a 100+ in Ruby but I never see in Ruby a poison dmg…sorry d ako marunong mAsyadong mag English… ;))

You need to use Topaz. It is epic affix (orange), not legend affix (red).