Green Garden Build revealed


It refers to whatever you are expending to cast skills this can be MP, HP, energy and fury :smile:


I see. Thanks again for your help griff! :))


skullshield attack is affected by attack speed?


Q :smile:

Plagued’s description says, “increases poison DoT damage for each enemy poisoned…”

How exactly does this stack / work? Does it mean I’ll do the least dmg to the 1st monster I attack on a floor and max dmg to the last monster? Just wondering how long the stack lasts for exactly


Its for each enemy poisoned that is still alive. That means more enemys in one spot -> more damage


Beautiful put, thanks Dust!


To enhance plagued ability which is already extremely powerful on its own, you use blight and druidic combo too.

Getting as many blight 100% possible is obviously a good priority if possible and maxing the regen of mp and hp to its cap. With druidic, when you can max the cap of both mp and hp regen, you can get poison dot x15 stronger.

That very strong ×15 stronger dot is multiplied by poison cloud 400% dmg . That 400% is multiplied by 600% blight for example meaning 5×7 = 3500%. The actual poison cloud now would deal 3500% dmg of the ×15 stronger dot.

3500% × 15 = 36×15 = 54000% dmg.

The poison cloud could theortically deal 54000% dmg and it is multiplied by 125% per enemy by plagued.

Lets say we have 20 enemies in the poison cloud.

Basically: 54100% × (2.25 ×20) dmg

= 541 ×45
=24345% damage poison cloud with plagued and 20 enemies

That’s how damaging a poison cloud can really be but that is just the dmg before crit dmg is applied and all the other multipliers factored in such as adventurer, equality and crit dmg. This is just a theory as well but it’s more accurate to try this with numbers than % but the dmg is huge for a very well built Green Garden build.

Also crit dmg multiplies the damage after its been multiplied by set affixes, legend affixes and epic affixes. Essentially,a huge after damage. Even if this is incorrect by a few small ways, I think you already get the idea about how powerful it is to have druidic, high blight and plagued.


Does anyone know what is the easiest way to max out MP and HP Regen? Cosmic Power and MP HP Regen Crystal affixes only get me about 15-25k…?. :smile:


Try equality amulet and ring. They both have unique legendary affix regeneration which gives 2000 mana and hp regen. With 2 of then you have 4k bonus hp and mp regen. They are legendary affix but they give more regen overall than crystal affixes.


Thanks Msiiek, in this original build though Balance isn’t used? So was he still able to max out hp mp regen I wonder? I notice the Symmetry cap, but seems it was stripped of Balance


You can remove legend affix with kyanite.


Edit: okay just thought through some things. I guess then my only question is why is cap of Symmetry being used on this build? Wouldn’t Aether Cover be a bit better or is the % poison dmg from it not needed?


Its up to you really and you’re right as well because the regrn can be got from ring/amulet equality version. One other idea could be put empyrean if survival isn’t too much an issue.
Talent wise: maybe use focus and empowered because they’re quite powerful. Sorcery is good though.

Obviously multi attack and attack speed aren’t really needed if you don’t need to spam primary skills or so.

As I said though, it’s really up to you.

This build was op in the past because poison cloud had crit dmg, exponentially grew and replaced itself, and numbers were usually septillion to octillion+ before the build was nerfed. It still is op but not as op as the past version. In addition, the build we are seeing is just the basic op version and to further add salt to the enemy wounds, with 600% blight, a massive number to fill the screen by 60% before it was nerfed in 1.9 or 2.0 I believe. Coat proc or coat would have been super op in the past as well because you can spam it and poison clouds kept growing on top of each other. Even now it’s still very powerful but not as powerful as used to be.

Crushing blow ftw in this build even when the build is nerfed.


Okay that makes sense! I’m doing a similar set up to this one but on Rogue so I’m just having some trouble maxing out hp & mp regen, I think it’ll have to stay that way though


Does nova procs on skullshield’s attack?


Not after every attack. Nova procs if you click on the skill but not every time the enemy is hit by skull shield or other constant proc like wrath or iceburn for eg. Same story with elemn crits I think. If you do click the skill meteor for eg or skullshield, nova will proc as well as others.


Okay, so i wasted 1 insolence because of putting nova in it. haha. anyways, thanks for help mate! :))


I wasted a few insolance for nova, enigma and vanish but I have like 10 of them and get them easily so not much loss really. Floor 200 farm, enshrined, hunter and spam wins alot. 1 mythic + enemies per day is cool.


i saw each set have 5. but only 1 elixer, how is that?

edit: sorry i cant see well but the ring has red text of +2 set also


@kevs926 ya people who dont have elixir hunt nadjori ring and amulet for that +2 all set affix.

iguess this build it pretty nerf in 2.3 patch