Green Garden Build revealed



Regen values nerfed . Toxic overwrites poison dot only once.

Also regen cap is 20k each. You can get total of 40k regen with druidic but you will only buff your poison dot by x8 instead of the old x15 maximum possible from druidic with the previous 30k regen cap each. Not to mention, getting all the halved regen values to max cap 20k each will be a bit more difficult.

Better off using arcanist+ ascendant or ice+ frozen.


i still prefer frozen cuz arcanist+ascendant build is strong but eats up a lot of slot affixes
and also u need to stack weaken% (2-3slot) u will miss some important affixes. @CuzegSpiked long time no hear lel youve been pretty busy lately? btw how the fire/shock build goin? btw i revamp my iceberg bow build post better check it out… thank for the info bout the ephipany bonus thats works w/o ephipany i was able to add defiant affix.


I guess arcanist would hav worked pretty well with green garden, but as you said it pretty much dead to the regen nerfs


I guess people don’t know they can use arcanist AND plagued. Why not be more powerful than before? You don’t need druidic. Plagued and arcanist together will do the work better than plagued and druidic. And they only need 3 affixes not 2 + god knows how many regen.


Oh i knew but vaguely. Just didn’t want to say it. Also plagued and high voltage works well too along with arcanist. High voltage works if you can stun the enemies and poison them (indeed possible).

@roykiyoy Btw my fire shock is fine but I am adjusting it to adapt with 2.3. I won’t add arcanist though but people can use arcanist and have high voltage with it though. Thx for asking though :slight_smile: .


Isn’t the regen even better? It used to be 3k per 5 seconds, now it is 1.5k per sec, which 1.5k times 5 = 7.5k which is 7.5k per 5 seconds? Correct me if I am wrong?

So if regen cap is 20k, isn’t the 20k , 20k per sec? Alot better than 30k per 5 sec, which is 6k per sec before?
Or am I misunderstanding something?


@Violetisfat druidic set inc ur dot dmg base on how high ur regen/4000 the regen crytal affix value before was 3000 now in 2.3 its nerf to 1500. also in 2.2 cap for hp and mp is 30k. they buff the regen/sec in 2.3 but nerf the value(which cause the nerf of druidic set)

@Msiiek pretty sure all element benefit and set affixes from arcinist (its just depends on how r setup) u can even add frozen on it.


@roykiyoy correct as long as you have arcane attacks to place debuff I’m pretty sure. Nice and handy for farm builds too :slight_smile: . Farming has never been easier but it always would get easier.


I totally agree with you that they buffed the regen/sec but nerfed the druidic set(which was op anyways haha, my newbie build was based on that, which did stupidly high damage from my low 500k damage before, i saw the rare 200m crits with my 500k damage…and i was still on floor 400ish) pretty much overkill.

Yeah most likely going to need arcane attacks in order to trigger arcanist, which means you would have to output random element attacks unless dual elements…which I was hoping to make a suggestion about, having the devs create a way where dual elements are viable, because right now you would have to waste alot of affix slots to do a dual element build, possible but a big hard sacrifice.


poison build is still quite viable is still deal decent/burst dmg til 2.3 though not as strong as b4 but it can be much stronger than b4 depends on the setup.

its hard to dual element though u can do it change ur oh element to lightning just to buff lightning ele to enemies to inc dmg of ur main element. @Violetisfat just use ascendant or prismatic talent much better able to use all 5 element. or get hireling w/ diff element


Yea, I still kind of use poison element for my farming build because it is free cheap damage.
And Yes, thats what i meant when i said outputting random elements xD


Did you role ur affix until u got 5k ad ?


Use crystal topaz first, then use sapphire on that epic affix until you achieve the flat ED. Then you need to use fluorite to reroll until 5k. Make sure gear ilvl is @100.


Actually any attack can place arcane debuff as long as you have Arcanist + ascendant. I probably didn’t know that at the time. Green garden can still be going strong.

A good example of how is the Fookies Poison Enchantress (looks like it’s based of green garden).


@CuzegSpiked sir how would aetherial drain affect the arcanist and ascendant build ?


Aethereal Drain affects the build by giving you ability to elemetal crit and more mana. You can also do that however by talents or Legend affix 30% elemental crit . For the Arcanist debuff to happen, you need to crit damage and Ascendant equipped at the same time. Also, you can choose between 90% weaken with Ascendant reduce resist effect from the arcane debuffs that were placed (Arcanist does that) or ignore resist. Both are quite good.


Any update on this build?


Use this as a base for your own build. Yes its still very powerful but not as OP as used to be. One thing id say, use druidic set and druidic bonus to save slots and use many of the modern sets depending on the build.

Anything is good with poison. Plagued, druidic, regen, cosmic power, a projectile with timewarp, demonic, crushing blow, blight, 300% or so ED, use Energy/fury/alchemy instead or bloodmagic, Momentum with move speed, add dodge and or block for survival, remove HP and MP (which was needed for equivalence max regen before nerfs combined with other regens), crystal crit and crit chance, rage set, natures such as strength, Pathfinder, Angelic, coat, etc. So many ways to adopt this build in any class with the core concepts and btw skullshield is still OP and wand too with high enough barrage hero points, Multi Attack, extra attack, etc.

This was my favourite OP build and i remember it was Cronos favourite too. This is what inspired me to get good.


It’s still OP, but right now we have stronger combos (some of them you’ve even mentioned)


Woaaaah . I got new steps.