Griffin the Greens all eternal item build [Eternal Sorcerer Build] [PvE] [Wizard]


man… when i dig up for good builds tons of them coming in front of me. i want to study every last one of them feels like i am in a gaming academy lol


@robertbie that MH already has 4 sockets in it. if it is an eternal, you can put the right combination of Myth stones for a Mythic, and then put in 3 more affixes. but you can’t do anything with them after you put them in, as you can’t craft an Eternal item with most crystals.


I’m loving the build


So @golem is it randomly drop ?? That eternal item is not in the eternal codex list…


@robertbie that staff is a random drop, it can’t be crafted with Legend/Set affixes to create it. I haven’t found it yet, and the Codex says I can find it on floor 350+, on any difficulty level, or unlock it for 6,437 dust. it is on the same page as Nadroji’s Robe and Nadroji’s crown in the Eternal Legend section for Wizards, second item from the bottom. at least, that is where it is in my Codex.


Подскажи сборку для пвп из зелёных вещей для мага.