Guide in building arena build!


sorry guys…


sorry guys…


@D_MESSIAH whoa! what happened bro? :joy:


i need to deleted it… b-cause someone blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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@D_MESSIAH i dunno bro. for me its alright. but what about the others here in forum expecting more on (this) your Thread?




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this was a post on this subject. I think there were a few other posts that were more focused on the order of placing the affixes so there were fewer failures with crafting. thanks @D_MESSIAH for helping out.


@Golem you’ve read what i posted here?


yes, before you took it off, but since I didn’t remember it very well, I took a look at what you edited. I was hoping someone could find one of the posts I mentioned, and the one I just shared was the first one I found that had good advice on crafting a build. this is good for PVP and PVE. it helped me a lot in my early game when I was crafting. after I found those Posts, that is. :blush:


that guide is for PVP build only…


the basics are the same. the big difference between the PVE & PVP Builds are the affixes that are better in one build and not so good in the other.


but the guided i was post, can help you to get 100% max affixes in arena build…