GUYS IM NEWBIE IM LVL 80 please send me a guide

i want to know where to get those gems like ruby,topaz,obsidian or zircon. to get that mythstones…
im a warrior. please help me. thanks

Not being a virtuoso as far as this game goes, this is what I’ve picked up on.
You can disenchant legendary items(red items) for a CHANCE to get ruby,topaz,obsidian or zircon. A lot of the time you’ll get lesser gems though.
You can realiably farm “good” gems from map lvl 500 or beyond. Map lvl 500 gives the best mix of drop quantity vs how hard the map is, as far as I know.


Farm legendary(red items) or better (green/blue) and disenchant OR get a toon to map lvl 500 and farm away.


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Maybe you meant “convert” equipment for a chance to get a rare or ultra rare crystal. “Disenchant” will have the opposite effect & actually destroy the affixes. :smile:

The chance to convert legend items to get ultra rare crystals seems incredibly low. I just sell unwanted legends. Crystalline & Eternal legend gear conversion guarantees an ultra rare crystal.

I agree, farming floor 500+ yields best crystal drops. :+1:

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Thanks for the ideas…but I’m still confused. Pleasure guide me to craft mythstone earthquake for my gear warriors…

You must socket the mythstones Endow, Death, Rebirth, and Time into a mainhand weapon :smile:

Yes it means your left weapon :smile:

Oh haha thanks a lot … Anyway how long our lvl be max ?

Oh my goodness…I’m still at floor 165

A very long time if you aren’t running an optimized XP farming build :smile:

How can we meet in game :-[

Too bad I don’t have stone death

you can meet the AI :slight_smile:

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At this moment I’m lvl 96 :slight_smile:

you can do it mate :slight_smile: grind every hour you will reach level 99 in no time

I’m keeping rocking in every floor yeah hehe. But I want more character .But the payment says unsuccessful… so sad

you use credit card?

Thanks for the help …it’s successful now

well done mate