Halloween Again: Tricking or Treating the Monsters

it is October again, and that means Halloween Vanities for new Players. I hope.

I was doing a Search earlier, and came across this Build by @Griffin . it looks like it is just a fun Build, but I watched the video again and noticed it was on floor 1060. which makes it a fun Build that scares your enemies to death!

this is a Wizard Ice Build. from what I can see, you could use the Build template for Warrior & Rogue also. you could also change some affixes if you wanted to without changing the feel of the Build too much, for those who have their own playing style for a Halloween Themed Build using the Haunting Set.

take a look at the top of the Thread at how much Gold he had when he made this Build. now that is really Spooky!!! :ghost::ghost::ghost:

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I wrote up a Halloween Build with the Haunting Bonus that has a 100% chance to Proc Torrent 40 when I cast Storm 40. 20 attacks a second with 124 attacks over 5 seconds, which is the duration of both Storm & Torrent. with Magnify 40, there will be some good overlap with the Torrents AoE in the middle of the Storm. enemies towards the outer edges of the Storm wouldn’t be getting hit by all 3 Torrents and the Storm.

I wanted to share the Build, but I need to do some more thinking. I need to focus the Build more on the Skills and not have too much of anything else, because I need more room for ED% & Frostbiting. I have +200% of each on an Eternal Head item, and I don’t think that is enough. I also wanted to add some Bleed, because the Bleed animation looks really good on enemies affected by Freeze! a nice look for a Halloween Build!

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Always thinking @Golem :heart_eyes: Play first then think after :sunglasses:

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actually, I wrote this build down after thinking about it for a week, and realized I need to do some more work on the planning side of things. I could tell it wouldn’t do well if I Crafted it right then and there.