Can you get haunting in amethyst?
I cant waste my crystal right now to try it, anybody tried it before?

No you cant roll haunting set affix via amethyst

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Yea most information about the game when it comes to crafting equipment and builds will be inSkaul’s Hierarchy of Tips and Tricks [SHTT] [2.5]. The only way to get haunting if your not rouge is to get the rouge legend and change the class with jasper if I believe.(correct me if I’m wrong)


Yep too late now, totally wasted my crytals.

Just checked the ranking lol your 1 gratsy!

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Well you can save your data before you start crafting something just incase u didnt get the result u wanted after using all your resources.

Im at the top for now cuz the real PogS of the Div 1 is taking a break or grinding to get the new ultra rare sets but once they return to the arena its the end of me :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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Too late now. Anyway its not that big of a lost the few amethyst that time but what got me was the pet im building, literally lost all crystal below sapphire its like 10-12k overall, lost like 2000 emerald salvaging and 200m gold of convertion all for a single affix to find, my fingers hurt.

Now im thinking if i redownload or keep the set i just build.

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If you’re satisfied with the result of your crafting u can just keep it but if you’re not u can redownload to start crafting again.

I feel u dude! Trying to roll the affix that u want in the pet gonna cost u a lot of crystal, yesterday i used up almost all my Sapphire and larimar just to roll a barrage or ricochet in my cerberus but until now still nothing :sweat_smile:

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