Hello to all!

Hello everyone, :wave: pls teach me a cheap farming build, im newbie here :sweat_smile:

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The ground zero build is just wear items with luck. Then you can find stuff to follow my friend @Golems guide.

Thankyou sir nuique for d welcome and for the awesome guide also sir dickward tnx :smile:

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welcome to the club …

welcome to DQ @TIGREAL . to start, when you get Hero Skill Points, put them into Fortune Skill until it gets to 20. that will give you +50% Gold Find, Luck, & Item Drop. another thing for when you get a better understanding of the game is that Easy Difficulty Level and higher give a bonus to Gold Find, Luck, and Experience, but at the cost of stronger monsters guarding their loot.

there is a lot more information for starting out with an easy Farm Build in the Post @NUIQUE shared.

Welcome to DQ :grinning: And the good news is DQ2 is being made. But start here and enjoy this rewarding and frustrating game :grinning::sunglasses:

ty sir olkyora for d welcome :wave: also sir Golem thanyou very much again for the awesome guide :wave::grin: , noted that fortune skill, yea i read that guide over and over and it was a great help to new ones like me :smile: … sir dickward DQ2 wow! :open_mouth: interesting, youre correct i will enjoy this game first :laughing: btw ty for the welcome sir.


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hi and welcome to the club

haha, I really need to bookmark some of my posts before I forget the good advice & help I shared and end up writing another long post that I don’t need to, lol.

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