Help cant upload and save account on server


I’m have a problem on uploding my latest save it says I need to download first the data on the server before I can upload again. But when I did it deleted all the items in my Stash 1-4 and asking for me to buy it again. Luckily I still have a save file on another phone but still the same problem so I hope someone can remove that bugged save file so I can upload my latest thank you.


better report it to support.


Done reporting thanks man.


If your uploading your latest progress it fine just confirm it.


Yeah I’m uploading my latest save data but it says I need to download that bugged data saved on the server which I downloaded on my other phone that’s why I discovered that I lost all my stash.


For what i saw, it’s just cause u can’t have the same file in two phones… Would be a “bug” i guess.


the reason why you got encounter was while uploading something happen for example having a bad internet connection while uploading it or the game force close while uploading.


I need someone from their support team to delete that bugged data so I can upload my latest progress. I don’t want to risk download again because I don’t have backup anymore. I hope they already read my email I have lots of eternal and mythic items stored at Stash 1-4.


the only problem at it was the chest that you already get email


What chest? My problem is that I can’t upload my latest progress. Someone from Shinybox already responded hope they can fix it before the day ends.


my bad I input unnecessary topic :sweat_smile:.
Good for you hope it will fix soon :smiley:


Case closed already solved 3 hrs. ago thanks to Shinybox support team for the quick action.


congrats mate happy gaming :smile: