Help for Sets, Affixes, or Talents Combinations

Most of us probably know about these basic and effective Sets, Affixes, or Talents Combinations (SATC) that works well.

Examples are:
• Plagued + Druidic
• Permafrost + Frozen
• Glasscannon + Empower
• Adventurer + Momentum
• Arcanist + Ascendent

For that, I want to know what other unique and fun combos there is to use! May it be early to late game build. Maybe if some of you have some time to list down most of your knowledge about SATC, it would really help. Thanks👻


I use Momentum sets for Demonic Bonus by equipping 50 movement speed for granting a 50 double strike and with my additional items is I can kill Cart for more or less 2 secs :joy:


Maelstrom + Mayhem
Massochism + Defiant

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One of my main farming builds uses Momentum+Adventure, and Plagued+Druidic.
Also Eternalized, Crystalline, and Epiphany.

Adventure works great, but only if your gold indicator is active. Mine is nearly 100% of the time since I use Charge, max MS, and two hungry imps to keep the gold flowing.


how much is your luck for drop percentage mate? @DJC

mine is a little bit low considering its for farming and climbing floors

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In my own item, I don’t use an Adventurer sets and I changed it into Angelic sets, I’m basing on an atk spd and Crushing Blow+ 5/6 sets of Crushing Flames. In this build, I can climb higher floors and I can kill Cart in an instant. CB/CF in lower floor is highly effective.

My clue in my item for farming build is:

60% atk spd (Obsidian and epic affix/pet)
60% Crushing Blow (2 Obsidian affix)
Two 225 luck (2 Obsidian affix) and for last slot for Obsidian affix is it’s either Dodge or Block affix for further survivability.

Using this build below 1k floor is a quick one for farming.

It maybe confusing because there’s a lot of idea coming out of my mind but I’ll show it later :joy:

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Blood Magic - Defiant - Masochism.

Attack Speed - Angelic Set - Draught Mythic.

Sorcery Talent (Wizard) - Fester Talent (Wiz) - Comet/Multi Attack/Extra Attack - Amplify Talent (Wiz) - Attack Speed - Draught Mythic - Frostbiting +200% - Arcanist Set - Ascendant Set. I need to remake this Build with Angelic Set and Skilled Mythic.

Hunger Set Bonus - 1 Legend & 2 MS Clearcast - Epiphany Set (5) - Twister 40 - Twister Proc 50% - Magnify Talent (Wiz).

Fire Element - Inferno Set (5) - Fester Talent 40 (Wiz) - Sorcery 40 (Wiz) - Immolate/Elemental Crit +30% or better - either 1 Legend Immolate +50% damage and/or Crushing Blow Set (7 or 8) with Crushing Blow Set Bonus. this gives 3 Fire DoT a second for 120% of damage done for Fire DoT. this means your Immolate Dot will be higher also. for those who like their enemies to Bleed, Blistering +200% - Epic Bleed Damage +100%.

Demonic Set (5) - Legend Execute +100% or more - Electrocution Set (5) or better.

good ideas everyone! :nerd:

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