Help me guys please wizard farm build

Guys can you please help me? I dont know how to craft items and how to max stat from an item. What set is good for farming? Hope someone can help. Thank you in advance. Sorry im noob

1°- you need all itens to be lvl 100 for max quality, max quality = max stats 2°- you need hight dmg and survivability so 5k ED on all itens and pet, next weaken, get that, next is nadroji, get ring and hat our necless and chest eader way get those, next adventure affix, dodge block is important in very hight floors, get luck/gold find and iten drop, just try if you can, good luck!:+1:

Peridot to max level and emerald in quality right? What crystal to max stat?

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Right👍, for you max orange affix you need fluorite, dont do that if you have red affix to max 1°, for red affix you need to reroll whid diamond, is very easy to get, if you need more help just ask👍

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Did you not look 3.0 Weaken/IR/Effective Topic.2 CRystal Weaken and one epic are enough.They don’t work with IR.

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What set affix should i get for farming crystals and mythstones?

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Sorry, my bad😫, i new that, i did not remember😅, f*************!!!

For a temporary farm build ( esp. if you don’t have enough absidian, amethyst, ruby, etc. crystals for a costly but powerful builds), you can build around poison-plagued set for starters as plagued boosts poison Dot directly proportional to the number of enemy poisoned ( larger mobs = more damage ). Adventurer set affix is a must have. Nadjori ring and amulet for 2 “+2 all sets”, tho these two are a bit harder to find but it will be dropped eventually​:sweat_smile: For offesive skills, use orb + reactor set, or meteor-aftermath build ( my first build, so much fun :laughing:), or whatever you’ve already built as long as you find it fun to use.
Lastly, read other player’s build so you’ll get other ideas. Patience is a must have too!
Have fun :smile:

Just use the poison storm :joy:

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any Legend item that has Fortune Skill, Luck, and Gold Find are good for getting a good start on a Farming build for any class. Normal to Epic items that you find with, or craft with crystals, that have those 3 will help you with Farming also. but since you are putting those farm affixes on your items, that is fewer spaces for defense and attack, so it is a balancing act. later on, when your Farm build is bringing in a lot of loot, you can start searching the Forums for Farm Builds that help farm for Eternal items, Legend/Crystal items, Crystals/Myth Stones, Experience (if you are Ascending for Perks). what I did was just Ascend for all 6 Perks, and along the way, I learned better ways to build a Farmer, and also how to craft a better Fighting Build that can survive with a little Defense Crafting along the way.

@Alkahest only najori amulet and ring has +2set? Do i need also the robe that has najori bonus or just the ring and amulet to get +2 sets?

Thank you soo much guys for tips

Is there a mythstyone that has +2set affix?

Elixir rune. 2 sets in jewelry. 5 skills in weapons and 5 talents in armour. A very usefull mythstones . It can be unsocket ed from an item and recylced using a garnet stone. It’s a life saver :slight_smile:


Never have a chance to see that stone. :disappointed:

What is better when ill use poison orb and manashield, drudic or plague?

Planning to do crystaline mh, drudic oh, epiphany ring, eternalized cap, najori robe and amulet is that ok? Any better suggestions?

That would be ok. Tho i would recommend replace epiphany set with reactor set so you’ll have arcs from your orbs so you’ll have better AoE range. Also, choose Magnify talent for increased AoE. For a wiz orb-reactor farmbuild its best to make it around Frozen, Momentum, Adventurer, lLiving force, and Pathfinder so you’ll get a billion dps, like this.

i’m still working to polish the build but won’t take long before i could share it.

Can i look each of your items? Is it okay to do your recomend set set for farming better than what im planning? And what exactly mythic skill should i pick in every peace if i costumize set?

What do mythic skill exposed exactly doing? It said increase dmg to pierced enemies. Can somebody explain better? Sorry for bad english need help guys please