Help me improve my Archer build please/Im out of ideas

Hy! Iam enjoying this game since 2014. Had a long break but im back at it again!

So this is my actual setup:

Already read a lot of guides but some thing is not clear. Any advices or tips ? What do i need to change?

cant go further lvl 230 myth3 is very very hard, when i got meteor shover i cant beat the lvl, its pretty frustrating.

Thank you !

I don’t have a great deal of experience. Only a few months but I would say you need to go for a single element damage. I use poison. So getting poison damaged and poison percentage damage on a few items. As well as getting about 500% blight and some elemental critical/toxic cloud chance. Then you need to get a piece of druidic and a piece of plagued. Then get rid of affixes like resist, they aren’t much use and replace them with crystal affix, especially crit chance, crit damage and attack speed. Keeping in mind the cap on those stats so you don’t go over and waste affix space. Not to forget put elixir mythstones in your ring and amulet. Doing this I do high millions damage and low billions of damaged and can do 500+ M3 easily. Also having a something that increases your movement speed is pretty helpful. Mind you there are people who do a lot more damage than me but that is where I’m up to. Also, i used pandemic, a pistol and I have so many attack chances that it sprays a huge area and with propulsion, this knocks back enemies so they basically can’t get close to me. Keeps me pretty safe to farm as quickly as i can.


That’s right, try to focus only in one element . me I focus only in one element which is fire, and my affixes are, bleed chance ,bleed damage, some explosive, critical damage and critical chance.:smile:

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Are you using a bow? That’s a pretty key component in being an Archer.

If so, check out this build:

Thanks for the advices! I will try to focus on one element. So first i will try first make my bow better. I think i need to make a crytal affix on it : attack speed is a good choice ? I dont have so much crystals actually i have yet 1 obsidian , so i need to do it good at the first try. Do i need to remove all affixes from my bow nd then add the crystal affix? or how should i do it ? Will it be good to add a myth affix too ? should i first find a bow with 4 sockets and add a mythic affix then a crystal affix ? then set and legendary affixes?
And then i can move to my other pieces of gear ?

Good questions.

My advice here is probably that you need to look at this build in two stages. Firstly it’s going for the “cheapest” yet most effective pieces you can get so you can farm effectively. Once you get to 500 you are then farming the best level of crystals and mythstones you can get. Firstly I would probably try getting the druidic affix set. So four pieces with druidic on it. Doing this will give you the 10,000 HP regen which really helps with survivability early on and gives you big damage multipliers with poison without having to do much to the gear. Then also getting at least one piece of plagued for that poison damage also. Then getting Elixer in your amulet or ring which will bump up those set affixes of plagued and druidic by +2 and another +2 if you have elixer in both. What this will allow you to do is bump your damage up significantly without too much cost allowing you to farm better. IMO you need to do this to be able to farm for obsidian. I have had to use quite a bit of obsidian to get the affixes I have wanted. Along your way to farming up the druidic and plagued you should pick up a few Ruby’s as well. Also, you really need to look at ascending as well because the farming potential you gain from that is massive. IMO once you get some good basic damaged you should be looking to ascend at least twice for the boost to what you can sell items for and also for finding crystal and eternal legends. Once you have done this you farming ability will grow exponentially meaning that your time spent farming will yield much more. While you are doing this always look to have weapon damage and weapon damage percentage at its best on your main hand. Try and get blight, poison damage, poison damage percentage and toxic/elemental crit on your gear as well. Then it’s a matter of rolling crystal affixes on your gear and going with whatever options it gives you then compensating on your legend affixes and your epic affixes accordingly. For instance, if you have heaps of attack speed because of epic affixes on your gear and you roll attack speed on obsidian then just reroll those epic ones. This allows you to make the most of your crystal affixes. Eventually, you will be using a few obsidian crystals trying to rolling the crystal affix you want. Worth noting for really big damage looking at crit chance, crit damage, crushing blow and dealy strike is also important but not till later on.

So in short:

  1. Get some cheap but effective gear
  2. Ascend at least twice
  3. Farm up some crystals and mythstones.
  4. Get lucky with some eternal legends hopefully.
  5. Farming some more and just keep refining your gear.
    (The guide that was put up for blight bog is really good however I think I saw that guy say he did 200 hours farming for that with already decent gear. Important to note this as you need to see doing this in stages or you’ll go mad wondering why you aren’t getting there.)

Lastly in answer to your questions: I wouldn’t go with putting any mythics on your stuff yet. You only need one space to put a crystal affix on something. I would wait with your obsidian until you get new gear that will synergise with your elemental choice of poison.

I hope this isn’t stupidly confusing. I’m not great with written English. Also, experiment and have fun. There is nothing worse for killing the fun of a game than by trudging through it because all you want to do is get the best and miss enjoying the actual game.