Help me Improve my Build

Hi! I would like to ask you guys for helping me improving my current build. Here’s the detailed build.

I juat get and jaspered the epiphany cap. I still use my Nadroji helmet though. What do you guys think ? What can I improve. Currently at 620+ I sometimes die from worms but as long as there’s a crowd they will pop almost immediately.

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do you want to Farm for stuff, Climb Floors, have you thought of getting Perks for better farming???, or Battle Arena?

this build would be considered a hybrid Farm & Floor Climbing Build. the 2 big problems with this build is the Nadroji Bonus and Epiphany Bonus. the Nadroji Bonus requires 2 Items with the Nadroji Set to activate. it will increase the number of Magic (Blue) and Rare (Yellow) monsters that spawn on a map by +100%. this is good for builds that are for Farming or Ascending (getting Perks). the Epiphany Bonus requires +70% Attack Speed from affixes and/or from Haste Natures (Attack Speed will increase the Attacks Per Second (APS) to activate. this would be good for using Smash. right now, they are taking up space and not doing anything for your build.

as a thought, Masochism Set causes any heals to lower Health when your HP is over 50%, and heals work normally when HP is 50% or lower. the benefit for this is that it keeps your HP around 50%, which means your Bloodmagic is giving an average of +100% damage, and Defiant is doing 25% + 25% of your current HP% (averaging +37.5% damage total). also, when your HP is 75% or lower, Masochism gives +7.5% damage per Rank, so Masochism (5) would give +37.5% damage when HP is 75% or lower. Masochism can’t be rolled with Amethyst.

Equality Set doesn’t really work with Bloodmagic Mythic.

normally, most Farm Builds don’t need to go past floor 500, but there are some that can for those who want to get the Rare Items around floor 1000ish+.

there are other Items with Epiphany, so you would have to change your build a little.

the fact that you are doing well on floor 600+ means you made a good build.

ahh, I just noticed that you must be switching your Head Items when you need more damage.


I think for climbing floors
If you can suggest farming build also I will appreciate that. Thanks for tour explanation btw, you really pour lot of effort for that.


Well thanks for your admire of my build. But your suggestion will make my build even greater. I will consider the equality set to be replaced

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@Golem is amazing! Search through his previous posts for an infinite amount of great info on all things DQ!


my basic Farm Build has Nadroji Chest & Head. this gives me 2 Nadroji Bonus. it only gives the +100% Magic & Rare monster spawn on maps, but one of the Mods did some tests and felt that this gives a little more chance for Enslavers to Spawn. If you don’t really care for Enslavers, then just use a Nadroji Ring or Amulet to activate your Nadroji Set Bonus. it’s best to use the Nadroji Chest, as that has a +100% ED on it. also, my 2 Nadroji Items have a Crystal +225% Luck & +225% Gold Find (I did this so that if I ever need to make a new Farm Build, I can still use these 2 Items and just change the other Items). I have +50% Item Drop. 50 Hero Points into the Fortune Skill for +50% Luck, Gold Find, and +50% Item Drop. the Natures for these 2 Items are Luck & Greed to max out my Luck & Gold Find. I also use Epiphany (5) so that when I get the Green and/or White Shrine, my Luck & Gold Find are +1012% and Item Drop is +200% (all at Cap) this gives me a little more room for defense and offense affixes.

this is my Wizard Farmer. it does well on floor M3 510. if I wanted to Farm floor 1000 on a regular basis, I would change a bunch of stuff and go with Crushing Flames on my Farm build.

Floor Climbing is a little more tricky. using a Crushing Flames & Frozen Set combo is what many players use, but other builds can do just as well when crafted the right way. one problem on higher floors is that monsters do enough damage that they can 1 hit kill you, even eventually on Very Easy difficulty. Armor, All Resist, and Damage Reductions become less useful and Dodge, Block, Sanctuary Mythic, Moving Around, and Crowd Control become more useful.


Thanks @Golem looks like My aftermath wizard will not lasting long despite being fun to use. Crushing flames are hard to get though, I have seen some cracked build on warrior that get 100% block, how is that even possible ?

these builds show how to get the +100% Block. the rest of the build is up to you. this is a Warrior only build.