Help me making huge rogue proc build plz :c

Wassup !

I wanna make a huge proc build for Rogue
Already got cataclysm and I want more on my other stuff than ring like enough to play high difficulty in high maps to get lot of things by farming like I mean ennemies see me coming and then it’s the end for them you know I arrive and everything explode like i kill everything ya know
I want that much proc (it’s like what is happening rn with cataclysm and other stuff but my other stuff isn’t really optimized to play proc)
I can’t afford mythical or eternal atm xD but I’m farming atm to get the cataclysm as eternal.
If anybody know what i should use as stuff to get extremely high proc on taunt, twister, meteor, orb or any ohers that I forgot and deals high damage. I would like to know pls :slight_smile:

But chakram if possible

Proc dominated pve&pvp,but it nerfed a lot in 3.0 patch.
I could trigger stealth + taunt + blinkstrike + earthquake + torrent + mentor multi times in 1 second before,but they have LONG ETERNAL CD now.

Flintlock or bow build is better choice.

High floor cleaner(this build will be nerfed soon)

Low floor ultra fast cleaning(good in any patch)

I highly doubt crushing flames will get nerfed it’s a set that adds in an old mechanic that was removed because it was buggy and much too strong just now connecting it to a set lets it be controlled and and balanced properly


Yeah,crushing flames should change cuz it makes killed “bug” reappear,which just not too easy to find.
Players will find second stongest build and third if the second nerfed,again and again.

Crushing flames is fine as is

Currently testing final and ultimate build for crushing blow i found a way to kill legend and mythic bosses. Farming now to finalize the build

Plss dont nerf crushing flames it will help a lot to go high floors

how many amythest to getba crushing flame??

It won’t be nerfed. I doubt it would be.

oh good to hear bro because im done in my updating build to its full potential and the main source of the damage is crushing flames

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Check out this Chakram I found on lvl 44 Mythic Dungeon. I polished it up some. I think it has potential. :sunglasses:

Ty guys