Help me plis

I need help with a build for a wizard I am on the floor 378 m3


My gear is it

I am no speaking english :pensive:


The equality eternal is not going to help you too much. As far as doing damage, it depends on what type of element and attacking method you want to use. For example, if you are using plagued, you would want to do poison instead of shock. Another thing to keep in mind is that you cannot change eternals so legends are typically better because you can change it with crystals. Adding the elixir mythstone to your ring will also help. It adds +2 to the eternal affixes you have equipped. If you find you are dying too often, you can try adding dodge to some of your equipment. I hope this helps you at least a little bit.:grin:

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What build to do you need? Farming build , climbing build or PVP build?

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You forgot offhand weapon and hat.

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I need a build to farm but I’m very new and I don’t know much about the game and I don’t know what to do or what to wear :crying_cat_face:

Ok well let’s start off with this. I need to know what class you are, how far in the game are you, what do you plan to use as a main source of damage.

I am a wizard I go on the 380 floor in m3 I want is a build to farm objects and I want to hit with any weapon you recommend I do not have many eternal objects

You can check my skullshield farming build there are a lot of farming build around here

Not bad man. I started struggling way before that. Anyways yea the skull shield build is pretty good just as @ShadowDragon mentioned but you you want to make your own farming build without copying others. Nadroji, epiphany, eternalized, and crystalline set affixes(green ones) will help you a bunch. As far as eternals go, you shouldnt really need them because you cannot change them with Crystal’s. Pretty much the only eternal item you will want would be the eternal loop of epiphany but you would have to be floor 600 on epic+ difficulty. @Baground do you have elixir mythstones socketed into both your jewelry pieces? Because you will need those to make a build.

Sorry there are things that I do not understand what is elixir? I have been farming but I have not removed many good objects that we sayUploading: Screenshot_20200515_111953_com.shinybox.smash.jpg…

Uploading: Screenshot_20200515_112122_com.shinybox.smash.jpg… Uploading: Screenshot_20200515_112424_com.shinybox.smash.jpg… Uploading: Screenshot_20200515_112429_com.shinybox.smash.jpg…

Here some photos of what I have

Elixer is a lvl 99 mythstone in the game that gives you a +2 all sets bonus when socketed in jewelry. It’s quite rare. To increase drop rate though, having a mythical piece of equipment and farming floor 500 could help your chances out a lot. Nice eternal crystal legend btw. Keep in mind that you can learn a lot from reading the dictionary in the game. May seem boring but it explains most of not all the games mechanics. It tells you what the mythstones and crystals do. Explains what what affixes and set affixes do. What talents do ect. If you really want to you can message me if you have any random questions. I’d be glad to help

Brother, thanks for the help. What happens is that I am Venezuelan and I do not speak English. I am using a Google translator to communicate with you. I have almost reached the floor 400, but I do not understand which objects are better and which ones I should put on. get a stone like that

Help me brother I was on the 400th floor and I left the game now I am on the 200th and I don’t know what to do

I’ve done it quite a few times and it sucks but all you need is a decent amount if gold. Go to floor 200, buy a challenge map in the store, then go to your inventory and click on the map. There should be an option to convert it. Keep pressing convert until you get back to your max floor.

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You mean u leave the 400th floor without killing the cartographer? Its Ok u can just buy a new map in the shop and click ‘convert’ it will change the map floor but the limit is the highest floor you’ve reached

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Whew man you are wealthy. How long u been playing?

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Since 2018 but i found out that DQ forum existed around July 2019 Lmao :sweat_smile: I spent most of my time in PvE though

I’m just starting to make real progress with a floorclimb/farm build Teacup helped me make. Only 13 obsidian so far. Almost at 500 m3 though.

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Thanks for the help I already saw how to do it in the end they did not tell me about the build I am going beyond the 400th floor I am going to see if I reach 500