Help me tweak my build :(((




m trying to build my farming build on my warrior. With Crystalline,2x Nadroji,ephipany and mythology. Issit fine? And was thinking abt 2x luck crystal affix, dodge, block, 2x gold find. Hhmm. What ya think?


Crystalline and Externalised. No need 2× crystalline. Mythical does work but only useful if you’re short on high end mythstones and use floor 500 farming or so.


Its 2x nadroji bro




I have eternal eternalized helm alsl




idk if ill get rid of my WD% on my wep. Maybe soon coz i alsk like to spam whirlwind.


I see.


Hhmm wats the suggested mythic on a farming build?


what was the horn with WD%?