Help me

Hello, I’m new to the game and I would like more experienced players to help me make a correct build to evolve in the game, I recently played with a level 86 wizard and have not yet restarted (thanks).

@CuzegSpiked can help you, i guess.

Dude those guides u posted were ok why did you withdraw it?

Your original reply will be extremely helpful!!! Can you undo the deleted post? There is a collection of info from everyone in that thread. Thx

Idk how to shorten this…

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It’s fine. Just copy the link and paste next time.

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Oh, easy as that. Thanks

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Now try it out and delete your previous paste then paste the link = Voila. :+1:

Only if you can edit the previous post though.

Told you so…

How dare you delete my post in your post.

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Yeah hahahaha


Here’s how you get the shortened links. For one boxing, you need to make sure there’s space and it’s got no gap on the first line.


Thank you!